Redis on Flash

Big Data Meets Real-time

Redis on Flash technology enhances Redis to run on a combination of RAM and more cost-effective Flash memory. For datasets larger than 1 TB, this is the most cost-optimal way to run Redis with the same sub-millisecond latencies and extremely high throughput. Redis on Flash includes the characteristic Redis Enterprise stable high performance, zero downtime linear scaling and hassle-free true high availability.

Why Redis on Flash?

For Redis use cases such as real-time analytics, time-series data analysis, search, machine learning and more, dataset sizes can become voluminous and the cost of memory can become prohibitive. The unique Redis on Flash technology slashes infrastructure costs by using SSDs as an extension of memory. With its breakthrough  approach of tiering access to data, with keys and hot values in RAM, while cold values are stored on Flash, this technology delivers the blazing fast sub-millisecond latencies and high throughput of Redis, with a lower cost infrastructure.


Redis Enterprise Software

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Redis Enterprise VPC

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Architecture Whitepaper

To provide the best data access performance, Redis on Flash uses smart data placement, storing frequently accessed data in RAM and less frequently accessed data in flash. Download this whitepaper and explore the technology behind Redis on Flash and the architecture for building large databases using the technology.



Customer Case Study

Responsible for the wildly popular Trivia Crack and Pictionary online games, Etermax counts on Redis Enterprise to meet the high availability and performance demands of 25 million daily users. It plans to cut costs by over 70% by using Redis on Flash.