Redis Enterprise for Microservices

With over 700 million downloads, Redis is one of the most downloaded containers on Docker.

Redis is the first choice as a database for microservices due it its simplicity, small memory footprint, and high performance with least computational resources. Being an in-memory database, Redis delivers millions of operations per second at sub-millisecond latency.

Redis Enterprise technology encapsulates open source Redis, fully supporting its commands, data structures, and modules. It adds exceptional flexibility, stability, high performance, and resilience with multiple deployment choices. Redis Enterprise delivers a wide range of capabilities to support your Microservices architecture. Redis Enterprise software is packaged as a container that can be orchestrated using tools such as Kubernetes, and BOSH for Pivotal Cloud Foundry. In addition, Redis Enterprise is also available as a Docker image on docker hub.

Redis Enterprise as a Database for Microservices

Redis Enterprise is an excellent database for your microservices. It supports multi-tenancy: you can configure multiple, isolated databases in a single Redis Enterprise cluster. For example, you can run a few hundred database endpoints on a simple three-node cluster, allowing your microservices access their own database with minimal server infrastructure and operational overhead.

Redis Enterprise offers tunable data durability, enabling you to optimize your database performance based on whether the data managed by your microservice is ephemeral, transient, operational, or transactional. If many microservices share the same dataset, instead of falling back on a monolithic architecture, you can design each microservice to have its own local Redis Enterprise database. With the help of Redis Enterprise’s active-active multi-master setup, you can synchronize the data between the local database instances in real-time. The CRDT based conflict resolution in Redis Enterprise delivers strong eventual consistency. Download the whitepaper to explore more about Redis Enterprise as a database for microservices.

Deploying Redis Enterprise in the Microservices Environment

Redis Enterprise as a Container

A Redis Enterprise node embeds the Redis instances, zero-latency proxy and cluster manager inside a container. This architecture enables Redis Enterprise to be deployed as a multi-node cluster, delivering high-availability, auto scaling, data persistence, and ease of orchestration among other things.


Redis Enterprise as a container

Redis Enterprise on Docker

Redis Enterprise, as docker container can be deployed on scaled-down environments such as Mac, Windows, or Linux. The container setup allows you to deploy Redis Enterprise as a single node, or a multi-node on one or more servers. You could orchestrate the docker container using Docker Swarm. Follow the instructions to learn how to setup a Redis database.

A multi-node Redis Enterprise cluster with multiple containers on a single host server

Orchestrating Redis Enterprise using Kubernetes

You can orchestrate Redis Enterprise containers as cloud-native database service in your Kubernetes environment. Redis Enterprise’s Kubernetes integration enables:

  1. Auto-discovery of Redis Enterprise service with StatefulSet and a headless service to handle DNS resolution
  2. Managing Redis Enterprise licenses inside Kubernetes secrets primitive
  3. Bootstrapping multi-node Redis Enterprise clusters using Kubernetes secrets
  4. Fully utilizing Redis Enterprise’s multi-tenant architecture by creating Redis databases in the multi-node cluster
  5. Maintaining and upgrading the Redis Enterprise

Redis Enterprise inside a Kubernetes cluster

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BOSH Integration for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Pivotal Cloud Foundry customers can deploy Redis Enterprise as a data microservice within their platform through simple BOSH-based operations. With BOSH integration, users can import Redis Enterprise tile, deploy Redis Enterprise Software, orchestrate Redis Enterprise clusters and databases — all with minimal effort.

Redis Enterprise as a data microservice in Pivotal Cloud Foundry

The technical documentation provides a detailed discussion on how to setup Redis Enterprise in Pivotal Cloud Foundry.