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Slash Costs & Improve App Performance with Redis Enterprise Software

Get Redis Enterprise Software for deploying enterprise grade, highly available & scalable Redis Clusters

We have been using Redis Enterprise for over 4 years now. It was able to handle our peak traffic of 2 billion requests on election night without a hiccup.”

Richa Gupta

Microsoft corporation

Achieve 83% lower app latency and 5x more app requests/second


  • Redis Enterprise delivers the highest throughput at the lowest latency (Independent performance benchmark by Avalon Consulting)
  • Redis Enterprise Software amplifies performance by running multiple Redis instances on multiple cores.

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Slash your operational costs by up to 99%


1 Million Writes/Sec
  • Redis Enterprise reduces operational costs with the most efficient use of your hardware resources and through its seamless automation, stellar high availability and linearly scaling performance.
  • Redis Enterprise Software Pack delivers even greater cost-savings with the use of Redis on Flash technology, that extends Redis to run on a combination of RAM and more cost-effective Flash memory.

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Why Redis Enterprise Software?


Cluster Management

Scale Effortlessly

  • Scale your dataset effortlessly across servers, and without downtime by simply adding/removing nodes and shards to/from the cluster
  • Shared nothing cluster architecture, with separate management and data paths, enables linear performance, scalability and an easy, non-intrusive upgrade process
  • Built-in multi-tenancy that can run multiple Redis shards per core maximizes resource utilization
  • Take advantage of full support for all Redis commands(including pipelining) when running clustered Redis
  • Unlimited database connections to support architecture scaling

Gain Always-on Availability

  • Rack-aware, multi-datacenter/region/cloud replication with unique WAN compression technology
  • Instant automated failure detection and fail-over to protect your applications against unplanned downtime, outages and data loss
  • Policy driven data persistence, continuous replication, backups and disaster recovery for full resilience
  • Periodic backups to AWS S3, Azure Blog Storage, Google Cloud Storage, OpenStack Swift or an FTP server
Cluster Management
Flash Scale

Same Latency but Lower Cost with Flash Memory as a RAM Extender

  • Redis on Flash stores keys and ‘hot’ values in RAM, while ‘cold’ values are kept in Flash. Redis on Flash preserves the Redis core architecture and is compatible with all Redis clients, data types and commands
  • Uses tiered memory access to deliver the same sub-millisecond latencies of RAM, but at over 70% lower costs


Start your free trial today and enjoy 24/7 enterprise class support backed by expertise in managing and scaling 250k+ Redis Databases for thousands of customers in production worldwide.


Redis Enterprise Software Features Overview

  •   Seamless scalability

    Grow your dataset beyond the largest node in the cluster and process it by any number of CPU cores, while choosing your own sharding policy. Scale your dataset dynamically, and without downtime, by simply changing the memory limit setting or increasing the number of shards with the click of a button.

  •   True High Availability with Continuous Replication

    Achieve continuous in-memory replication and instant automatic failover across racks/zones/datacenters with the click of a button. Protect your Redis datasets with UI, CLI or API-enabled replication, persistence, backups and disaster recovery.

  •   Hybrid deployment and geo-region replication

    Efficiently replicate Redis databases across Redis Enterprise Software deployments in different regions or between on-premises and cloud deployments, with built-in compression and WAN optimization technologies. Create multi-region, multi-cloud or hybrid (on-premises and cloud) Redis Enterprise deployments that accelerate your applications and require zero time to DR.

  •   Predictable High Performance

    Gain top-notch performance even in intensive disk-access scenarios with Redis Enterprise enhancements such as maximizing command pipelining, maintaining optimal persistent connections to every shard of your databases, and utilizing multiple CPU cores. Real-time shard migration isolates high-load databases from other databases running on the same node.

  •   24/7 Support From Redis Experts

    Enjoy our premium 24/7 support with a support subscription, via the Redis’ online or phone helpdesk. Reap benefits from the tremendous operational expertise of the team that develops and maintains open source Redis and the professionals who manage hundreds of thousands of Redis databases daily.

  •   Cluster Automation

    Automate day to day maintenance tasks such as database scaling, data-persistence tuning, auto-failover, re-sharding, shards migration and rebalancing needs.

  •   In-depth Monitoring and Management UI

    Simplify operations with Redis Enterprise’s intuitive user interface (UI) to set up, configure and monitor the cluster and each database. Redis Enterprise Software provides configurable threshold-based alerts for over twenty important Redis metrics and integration with third-party monitoring tools such as Nagios.

  •   Email Alerts

    Gain instant alert notifications for Redis specific metrics such as exceeding memory limits or crossing designated thresholds for latency, high throughput or low throughput.

The Technology Behind Redis Enterprise

Redis Enterprise clustering technology, proven in production with tens of thousands of customers, provides the advantages of:


A zero-latency multi-proxy architecture that shields your application from all cluster complexity

Your application can continue working as if it is accessing a single instance of Redis, even in a scaled out environment, with support for all Redis commands. The built-in zero-latency proxy forwards the request in a fully transparent manner.


Cross rack / zone / datacenter / region true high availability

Redis Enterprise Software includes watchdog processes that constantly monitor the Redis databases and nodes ensuring instant detection of any failure scenario and automatic failover across racks, zones, datacenters, regions and even clouds.

Simplified and automated operations and database management

Redis Enterprise Software provides UI, CLI and API based management and automation for day to day ongoing operations such a database provisioning, clustering, auto-scaling, re-sharding and re-balancing, with full visibility into and alerting basing on Redis-specific metrics.


Breakthrough Redis on Flash technology for cost effective large dataset processing

This unique technology treats Flash memory and an extension of RAM, and ensures high performance through a tiered approach to store keys and “hot” values in RAM, while “cold” values are stored in Flash. Multi-threaded and asynchronous Redis is used when accessing objects on Flash for optimal Flash performance, while retaining compatibility with all Redis commands and data types.


Start your free trial today and enjoy 24/7 enterprise class support backed by expertise in managing and scaling 250k+ Redis databases for thousands of customers in production worldwide.