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Realtime data. Any scale. Anywhere.

Redis Enterprise is a real-time data platform built on the simplicity and speed of Redis. Combine modern data models with the automation, performance, and resiliency to deploy and run realtime applications at any scale, anywhere on the planet.

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Discover Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise

Run popular Redis Enterprise features via the Enterprise and Enterprise Flash Tiers of Azure Cache for Redis. Developed in partnership with Microsoft, the Enterprise Tiers achieve the highest level of performance, availability, and functionality for your Redis databases.

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Deliver high performance and always-on applications anywhere

Maintaining high availability, speed, and resiliency in any geographic location can be a major operational challenge. With Redis Enterprise’s Active-Active technology, your business can focus on the big picture instead of tackling the tasks of scalability, availability, and performance.

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Redis Streams

With the “Redis Streams” data structure, you can do a lot more than what was possible with Pub/Sub, Lists or Sorted Sets. Learn about the many benefits among the resources below.

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RediSearch 2.0: Deliver Search and Analytics at the Speed of Transactions

RediSearch is a powerful indexing, querying, and full-text search engine for Redis, available on-premises and as a managed service in the cloud.

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Power your real‑time apps

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