Build real-time applications with Redis modules

Redis modules allow developers to build real-time applications by adding support for modern data models and native processing engines while continuing to enjoy Redis’ sub-millisecond speed.

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Redis Launchpad

Redis Launchpad provides developers and architects an easy, tangible way to find and visualize numerous sample apps that use Redis as a real-time data platform and primary database.

Modern data models and native processing engines

Redis modules enrich the Redis core data structures with modern data models, native processing engines, and programmability. The Redis Enterprise offering gives you high availability, geo-distribution with Active-Active, and multicloud and hybrid cloud deployment options.


RediSearch adds a secondary index, a query engine, and a full-text search to Redis.

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RedisJSON adds native support for storing and retrieving JSON documents at the speed of Redis.

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RedisGraph is a queryable property graph data structure designed for real-time use cases.

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RedisTimeSeries adds native
time-series database capabilities to Redis.

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RedisBloom adds Bloom filter, Cuckoo filter, Count-Min Sketch, and Top-K capabilities to Redis.

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RedisAI is a real-time AI
inferencing/serving engine
in Redis.

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RedisGears is a distributed programmable engine in Redis. It makes it simple to execute server side logic using functions, triggers and control workflows across data-models/data-structures and shards.

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