Announcing Redis 7.2 unified release and enhanced vector DB

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LARUS Business Automation



Address: Via Bruno Maderna, 7, 30174 Venezia VE, Italy

TEL: +39 041 50 60 149


LARUS is a leading Innovative SME focused in the development of data-driven platforms based on network science and on the most cutting-edge technologies.

Thanks to the consolidated experience gained in various market segments, such as  public administration, insurance, finance, industry, retail and utilities, and to the expertise in  NoSQL databases, in the field of Explainable AI and Connected Data Science, we help customers to optimise their decision-making process, increase profits and stay competitive.

Moreover, we keep investing in R&D, in collaborations with different national and international renowned academic institutions, other than in strategic partnerships, like the ones we established with Neo4j, Linkurious, Fujitsu and Redis, to remain always at the forefront.