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Redis Enterprise vs AWS ElastiCache

Redis Enterprise, the only true datastore built for hybrid and multi-cloud with cutting edge Active-Active technology

Redis Enterprise is simply the best version of Redis

Build cloud-native applications with speed and availability in mind. Redis Enterprise’s linear scalability with sub-millisecond latency, guaranteed five-nines uptime, and automatic conflict resolution for globally distributed applications ensures your application is always on and highly responsive. Redis Enterprise’s multiple data models coupled with extensibility that comes with purpose-built modules simplifies application development and decreases operational burden. Full utilization of infrastructure resources, native support for multi-tenancy, and intelligent tiered access to memory results in better management of cost.

High Availability & Resilience

Modern databases must always be on, and if they fail, they need to recover fast to minimize loss.

Lower TCO

As your data grows, inefficient use of compute resources could result in high unwanted charges.

Globally Distributed

Modern applications must provide instant responses to users regardless of their distance.

Performance & Scalability

To provide instant experiences to customers, the database can’t be the performance bottleneck.

Deploy Anywhere

To increase agility and improve performance, your data layer has to span across environments.

– Redis Enterprise
– AWS ElastiCache

Multiple Data Models

Eliminate the need to operate and maintain specialty databases for every use case.

Featured customers

Redis Enterprise’s high availability and robust resilience, best-in-class performance with linear scalability, and purpose-built modules makes it perfectly suited to power globally distributed applications in many industries.


We have access to the highest in-memory performance available on the market today, flexible data structures for extreme efficiency across a wide variety of use cases, and fully managed operations that speed up, rather than slow down, application delivery.

Naren Janakiraman

Director of Engineering, Freshworks


The new system needs to function as a single application across a large—and ever-growing—number of locations. Redis Enterprise has given us a solution to this problem that, honestly, is saving us dozens of staff years of design and development, not to mention debugging.

Paul Kurmas

Director of Strategic Product Development, Mutualink


Redis Enterprise Cloud with Redis on Flash allows me to handle peaks in traffic that grow 2000% without any need to scale my database infrastructure.

Ishay Green


Redis Enterprise helps you realize the promise of the cloud

Redis Enterprise key differentiators  Redis Enterprise AWS ElastiCache
High availability & resilience Guaranteed SLA
Supports automatic cluster recovery without data loss
Supports data persistence and automatic backup without affecting performance
Multiple data import/export options
Performance & scalability High throughput at sub-millisecond latency (200M ops/sec @ <1ms)
Zero-latency distributed proxy to increase throughput 
Supports multi-core architecture and memory pre-allocation
Deploy anywhere As a fully managed DBaaS on public clouds
As a managed Kubernetes service on public clouds
Supports on-premises, multi-cloud, and hybrid deployments to avoid vendor lock-in
Multiple data models Core Redis data types, Pub/Sub, Streams
Purpose-built modules (RediSearch, RedisGraph, RedisJSON, RedisTimeSeries, RedisBloom, RedisGears) for faster time to market 
Globally distributed Active-Passive deployments that support both 1:many and many:1 replication—allowing for flexible cluster topology based on workload or business requirements
Active-Active geo-distribution deployment based on academically proven CRDTs technology
Lower TCO Redis on Flash technology extends DRAM with persistent memory and SSD to store larger datasets without compromising speed
Built-in multi-tenancy architecture allows deploying multiple Redis instances per node to fully utilize infrastructure resources
True shared-nothing architecture to enable linear scaling and ensure resources are fully utilized

Performance, operational simplicity, and more than cache in the cloud

Uninterrupted high availability with five-nines uptime

To ensure reliable customer service, your applications and the databases behind them must be always available. Redis Enterprise safeguards your applications against downtime and data loss by utilizing technologies such as instant failure detection with single-digit-seconds auto-failover across racks, zones, and geographies; multiple data persistence options without affecting performance; and easy data import and export.

Instant performance with hyper scalability to power modern applications

The modern data layer must scale easily to meet any growth demands. However scaling should be cost-effective and avoid degrading application performance. Redis Enterprise’s zero-latency distributed proxy increases throughput while maintaining sub-millisecond latency. Multiple Redis instances can be deployed on a single cluster node to fully utilize all available resources.

Multi-cloud and hybrid deployment to avoid vendor lock-in

In a recent Gartner survey, 81% of respondents said they use two or more public cloud providers, however you might have already invested in on-premises infrastructure. Redis Enterprise can be deployed as a fully managed DBaaS over AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud; as a managed Kubernetes service over EKS, AKS, and GKE; as a software on bare-metal, virtual machines, OpenShift, or PKS; or in a hybrid model to preserve operational flexibility and avoid vendor lock-in.

Extensibility without the complexity

A true multi-model database must support popular data models, yet be extensible to foster innovation. Redis Enterprise incorporates 10 data structures and several purpose-built modules to provide best-in-class performance across use cases. Additionally, RedisGears, a serverless in-database engine, supports transactions and trigger-based events across Redis core and modules with sub-millisecond latency.

Unified data layer across clouds and geographies

Building and deploying high-performing globally distributed applications can be challenging. Redis Enterprise’s CRDTs-based Active-Active technology delivers local latency for read and write operations regardless of the number of geo-replicated regions and their distance from each other, with built-in conflict resolution. It ensures business continuity even if the majority of replicas are down.

Cost effective without penalizing performance and scale

Redis on Flash extends DRAM with persistent memory and SSDs while still providing the speed Redis is known for, which makes it an ideal solution to host larger datasets. Redis Enterprise’s infinite linear scaling, powered by a true-shared nothing architecture and native multi-tenancy support, ensures you are not paying for compute resources you aren’t using.