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Redis Enterprise vs AWS ElastiCache

Redis Enterprise, the only true datastore built for hybrid and multi-cloud with cutting edge Active-Active technology

Redis Enterprise is simply the best version of Redis

Businesses cache their most important data so it’s available to customers in real-time. And flawless digital experiences at enterprise scale require a cache that is flexible, scalable, cost-efficient, and highly available. With under 30 seconds of downtime per month, flexible deployment options, low latency global distribution, and unmatched cost efficiency, Redis Enterprise is the leading enterprise-grade cache available on AWS. And it’s backed by expert support from the creators of Redis.

Why Redis Enterprise?

You’ll outgrow open source Redis, and when you do the choice is clear.

Redis Enterprise is the best performing fully-managed cache and database-as-a-service (DBaaS) available on AWS (or anywhere).

Caching Assessment

Can your cache stand up to modern application needs?

Redis Enterprise’s high availability and robust resilience, best-in-class performance with linear scalability, and purpose-built modules makes it perfectly suited to power globally distributed applications in many industries.

How does Redis Enterprise Compare to ElastiCache?

Redis Enterprise key differentiators  Redis Enterprise AWS ElastiCache
High availability & resilience Guaranteed SLA
Supports automatic cluster recovery without data loss
Supports data persistence and automatic backup without affecting performance
Multiple data import/export options
Performance & scalability High throughput at sub-millisecond latency (200M ops/sec @ <1ms)
Zero-latency distributed proxy to increase throughput 
Supports multi-core architecture and memory pre-allocation
Deploy anywhere As a fully managed DBaaS on public clouds
As a managed Kubernetes service on public clouds
Supports on-premises, multi-cloud, and hybrid deployments to avoid vendor lock-in
Multiple data models Core Redis data types, Pub/Sub, Streams
Purpose-built modules (Search and Query, JSON, Time Series, Probabilistic, Triggers and Functions) for faster time to market 
Globally distributed Active-Passive deployments that support both 1:many and many:1 replication—allowing for flexible cluster topology based on workload or business requirements
Active-Active geo-distribution deployment based on academically proven CRDTs technology
Lower TCO Redis on Flash technology extends DRAM with persistent memory and SSD to store larger datasets without compromising speed
Built-in multi-tenancy architecture allows deploying multiple Redis instances per node to fully utilize infrastructure resources
True shared-nothing architecture to enable linear scaling and ensure resources are fully utilized

Upgrade to Redis Enterprise For:

Uninterrupted high availability

Safeguard your most critical data from interruption with automatic failover and a 99.999% Service Level Agreement that guarantees under 30 seconds of downtime per month.

Real-time performance at any scale

Scale linearly to increase cache throughput without increasing management overhead, achieving sub-millisecond latency at virtually any scale.

A unified hybrid and multicloud data layer

Support modern architectures with a unified real-time data layer that deploys on premises, in a single cloud, or across your hybrid and multicloud environments.

Global scale with low local latency

Deploy a unified multi-region cache that enables you to scale globally in real-time, avoiding latency as data travels across regions.

Support from the best at Redis

Be prepared for the unexpected with the most knowledgeable enterprise-grade support, provided by the creators of Redis.

Cost efficiency to cache more data at a lower cost

Cut costs with better resource utilization and intelligent tiering that maintains performance by only using expensive RAM where you really need it.

How to Scale with Cost-Effective
Redis on Flash

Flexible Deployment of Redis to
Multicloud or Hybrid Cloud

Achieve Global Scale with Redis
Enterprise Active-Active

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