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February 5th, 2015 – Issue #30

A Newsletter About Everything Redis

Issue #30
February 5th, 2015

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The Lessons Missing from Benchmarking NoSQL on the AWS Cloud (AerospikeDB and Redis) (6:37:09 minutes to read)

This one didn’t make it in time for the last issue so technically it is last week’s news. Nonethelss, here are the thoughts from the guys in lab about regarding the recent NoSQL on AWS benchmark.

[release] Redis 3.0.0 RC3 is out! (6:37:09 minutes to read)

Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez produces another release candidate for Redis Cluster, stabilizing it with a bunch of high importance fixes. At the time of writing, one pesky gremlin is still lurking somewhere but should be soonishly squashed in all likelihood. My favorite fix in this RC – “Fixes and improvements to PING / PONG packets gossip sections in order to improve (and fix) failure detection and speedup cluster info propagation” – what’s yours? 😉

The 7th Principle of Redis: We Optimize for Joy (8 minutes to read)

The last two weeks were all about benchmarks and optimizations for me. This post captures the essence of what I like best about my routine and even delivers a practical result: the fastest possible Lua script for copying the contents of a any type of key.

Scaling Out Redis Performance with Docker on vSphere 6.0 (10 minutes to read)

(definitely a theme going here) Davide Bergamasco @davidbergamasco writes about scaling out Redis in a post at VMWare VROOM! @vmwarevroom.

The Great Shard Migration, Part I (15+ minutes to read)

Dan Hart @DanHartEngineer in a thought-provoking glimpse into the reality of DevOps IRL. Take the time to understand the challenge by reading the preceding [1] architectural [2] posts [3] from @evernote in order to fully appreciate the scale of this task. In that context, the sentence “We used Redis as a central database for coordination, which worked very well for us” makes perfect sense and is a neat new (at least for me) use case for Redis.

Tools & Developments

Compiling Redis on AIX

#AIX #answer

In case you ever need it – Tw Bert‘s HOWTO.

Cloud Foundry for Data Science (19 slides)

#Python #slides

Ian Huston @ianhuston is a Data Scientist from @Pivotal who, besides having great initials, also produces top-quality content. Here’s a recent deck of slides that lets you jump into data science.

Building a Redis Cluster with Docker and Rancher on Digital Ocean

#Docker #howto

Galal Hussein @galal_hussein shows how to set up a Redis cluster using @Docker using @Rancher_Labs‘s Rancher.io.


#Ruby #foss

Manage your Lua scripts like a pro with this convenient wrapper by Jeff Lee @hoyvinglavin.


#NodeJS #foss

For people who are afraid of (Wire)sharks, here’s a non-intrusive analyzer from Matt Ranney @mranney (author of the popular node_redis client among other).


#Python #foss

Amir Salihefendic @amix3k from @Doist brings for your listing pleasure a fast and efficient list-like data structure implemented in Python over Redis. His recent presentation, Advanced Redis data structures, covers additional related projects.

Reliable, Scalable Redis on Kubernetes

#Kubernetes #example

A ready-to-run example for running Redis + Sentinel with Kubernetes – courtesy of Brendan Burns @brendandburns.

NetflixOSS Dynomite with Redis & Memcache Backend

#Dynomite #container

Are containers something to report about? Good question. Meanwhile, here’s a repository for a Dockerized Dynomite thingy from Ioannis Papapanagiotou @ipapapa.

Distributed Caching with Redis

#Redis #pattern

A short discussion on patterns for implementing a distributed cache from Gautam Dhameja @gddhameja.


#Python #foss

A Flask extension that’s an OAuth2 Server implementation of the Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant pattern described in Section 1.3.3 of RFC 6749. Uses Redis for storing expiring tokens, MongoDB for user profiles and accompanied by a blog post: http://nicolaiarocci.com/a-sentinel-for-your-flask-applications by Nicola Iarocci @nicolaiarocci.


Willem Spruijt @wspruijt: ‘A: “That database is so slow, we should switch to Redis & Node.js” B: “Did create an index on these tables?” A: “…” #officequotes’

Dan Connor @idogoodwork: “Redis is amazing because a) it’s crazy fast b) it has built-in TTL c) is stable”

DHH @dhh: “Redis really is lovely. One of my favorite additions to our collective stacks in ages. Thank you @antirez.”

Didier Spezia @didier_06: “Redis is awesome, but there is no magic. It is just a smart and efficient implementation of very pragmatic concepts.”

Tony Arcieri @bascule: “Looks like Redis SSL support is almost working: https://github.com/antirez/redis/issues/2178#issuecomment-72404493

Taylor Weibley @themcgruff: “redis-cli –stat and –latency-history ftw.” <- minor correction: #FTW

Josiah Carlson @dr_josiah: “Because when you write it in Lua, not only do you save Salvatore the maintenance burden, you make the code available to everyone running Redis *immediately*.”

Ben Dumke-v. d. Ehe @balpha: “#Redis is a challenge for international teams. We just had a “Zee-add” versus “Zedd-add” discussion.”

theminecoder @hawks008: “redis pub/sub is like the best thing.”

Stephen Buchanan @papa_poison: “I’m reading the documentation for Redis Sentinel and I can’t stop thinking about X-Men. Help”

WiredWonderWoman @nerdgirldv: “Relaxing on the sofa with wine, reading about differences between Memcache & Redis backend caching. #ThisisHowINerd”

altanai @altanai: “#redis key-value cache n store … nice , neat and efficiently managing my session information in webrtc signalling”

kakashi @kakashiliu: “#redis is single threaded, therefore, when using EVAL would block other operations… Lesson learned… orz”

brit @oh_em_gee_britt: “@antirez Redis is pretty much the best thing ever. <3″


Video: Interview with Redis CTO Yiftach Shoolman (4:05 minutes to watch)

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