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February 19th, 2015 – Issue #32

A Newsletter About Everything Redis

Issue #32
February 19th, 2015

Editor’s Note


Redis Trivia: Yesterday, Feb 18th, was the International Hexadecimal Redis Day #18EB


Be social, share: “I’m reading Redis Watch #32: https://redis.com/redis-watch-archive/32 <- #YummyInMyTummy”

int main(int argc, char **argv) {

Redis 3.0.0 RC4 is out (2 minutes to read)

Looks like Friday is becoming the Redis RC delivery day. The new cluster release candidate from Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez isn’t about the cluster at all (anyone remembers 2.8.9? ;)) but rather about general fixes and and additions. Most notable are the soul-devastating optimizations to dict.c and (my personal new favorite) an xterm-paletted latency graph, the evolution of which is below and the final(?) rational at redis-cli –latency-dist, hopefully better palette:

Spoiler alert: README -> README.md

Memcached design and comparison with Redis (15 minutes to read)

Roman Leventov @leventov in another analysis on the eternal unfair comparison, with some interesting twists 🙂

How we built the new BBC Homepage (7 minutes to read)

A review of technologies behind the revamped mobile @BBC homepage by Andrew Hillel @andyhillel – Scala, AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, Express, Varnish, and Redis.

Reminder about Redis security and exposing it to the internet (5 minutes to read)

In the wake of recent NoSQL databases security “exposures” based on reports such as Shadowserver’s and Shodan’s, Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez reminds the community how to keep their Redis unexposed.

Dogfooding: How we run our own Website on Giant Swarm (12 minutes to read)

Our weekly #stackporn is brought to you by Marian Steinbach @mariansteinbach from Giant Swarm @GiantSwarm. Dogfooding is perhaps the best way you keep in touch with what you actually develop, so Giant Swarm’s choice makes perfect sense. I definitely agree with Marian about making Redis highly available – there’s more than one way to skin that cat 🙂

Volatile Keys Can Expire Mid-MULTI-Transaction In Redis / Jedis (10 minutes to read)

Ben Nadel @BenNadel found 4 non-volatile keys in his database and had managed to reproduce the circumstances that had probably led to their creation – expiration can and does happen inside of a MULTI block so you may end up with unexpected results.

Tools & Development


#Lua #foss

A better alternative to webdis from Markus Bergholz @markuman – better because it’s lean and in Lua 🙂


#PHP #foss

Scrapebook (https://github.com/scrapbook/buffered-cache) is a buffered & transactional wrapper for KV datastores, now with a Redis adapter. By Matthias Mullie @matthiasmullie.


#Python #foss

A promising looking fork from Jonathan A Dunlap @jadbox that brings cluster migration strategies to Redis-copy.


#NodeJS #foss

An alpha version for a cluster-aware Node.JS client by Simon Tabor @simon_tabor from @GoSquared.

Caching your views with Redis using the Express Framework

#NodeJS #howto

Give your Express-based app a boost by caching its views in Redis – explained by Amauri Gabriel @anodejsblog.

Building a markov-chain IRC bot with python and Redis

#Python #howto

Besides his pet Walrus, Charles Leifer @coleifer also enjoys maintaining IRC bots.


Wilhem Pujar @WilhemPujar: “2 weeks before #Redis 3.0 then ciao #twemproxy #architecture”

Srdjan Pejic @batasrki: “@bgporter Redis is interesting because it lets you select a type for the data under the key. So you get the behaviour of a Set or Hash free.”

Jeff Williams @jcw_sf: “I really like Redis replication. http://redis.io/topics/replication …”

Bem Jones-Bey @bemjb: “mongo vs couchDB vs redis vs “insert your favorite nosql here”. Which one? Why? GO!”

<- Daniel Silverstein @cubesebuc: “@bemjb Redis. Sane transaction model, useful data-structure primitives. Lua scripting engine built in.”

Jonathan A Dunlap @jadbox: “The official Redis-cluster server is amazing to work with, but the tools/libraries are sorely lacking [although this is temporary]. #redis” <- what are you missing?

Jahwan Kim @blugol13: “I can’t help but love you. Redis Crashes – Antirez weblog http://antirez.com/news/43 “

Adam Shook @adamjshook: “That moment you download Redis for your course material, start the server, and get an error cause you’ve had one running for a month.”

Boleslav Březovský @rebolek: “My #Rebol client for #Redis DB finally made it to official list of clients! I’m so proud:) http://redis.io/clients”

Elie Rotenberg @elierotenberg: “We don’t need fancy routing stuff, therefore I chosed redis (instead of say, RabbitMQ or ZeroMQ). Very much like PostegreSQL should in principle be swappable with another database implementation, another message queue could be used in place of redis. I just have an excellent experience with redis handling millions of events per second.”

Tom @tdegrunt: “Why is Redis not part of the default Rails cache stores?”

Cryptowatch @cryptowat_ch: “And while we’re at it, #redis and @golang have also been a godsend.”

Clifton Griffin @clifgriffin: “@jpetersen Do it. At least do Redis…so fast and easy.”

ioMeWeekly: “The results shows for simple Set and Get, Redis is faster.”

DHHVerified account @dhh: “Another couple of “I wonder if redis has a native function for this” thoughts ending in joy today. Hello HSETNX!”

Krishna Gade @krishnagade: “@antirez @triketora @vishal_in @mrogati SQL to start with, but I will send you more details on email.” <- LOL 🙂

Ben Schaechter @Bensign: “This morning, I can confirm: Redis is a freaking beast. Can’t say enough good things about it.”

Nick Craver @Nick_Craver: “.@antirez turns out our #redis server peeking at 2% CPU for 4 billion ops/day is actually clocking down. We’ll be making it faster tonight.”


Blog: Milestone Reached: 4k Customers

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