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April 23rd, 2015 – Issue #41

A Letter About Everything Redis

Issue #41
April 23rd, 2015

Editor’s Note

Is a newsletter without news really a newsletter, or is it just a letter (poll request)? If it’s just a letter then does making news up in it makes it back into a newsletter? What about mobile-friendliness – is a [news]letter less informative if it is unresponsive (@Google)?


>> 1 = @Microsoft absorbs it’s open source unit [1] @OpenAtMicrosoft, whose first outing was the Redis fork [2] on April 2012. The Redis fork for Windows was always a kind of a distant relative, but it does have a loyal following and impressive successes (i.e.g. #namedroppings and Azure Redis Cache). It is still unclear what this move actually means for the “other” Redis open source users, but I know that the core Redis community will accept them gladly into the fold 🙂

>> 10 = In the recent @RailsConf keynote it was made known by David Heinemeier Hansson @dhh that ActionCable will be Redis-based in #Ruby5. Some flak is expected, including the usual rants mixed with right facts, but anyone can extend ActionCable to use whatever she/he wishes, so why waste time complaining [1]? I’ve always felt that one of the nicer examples for synergy is what the Three Rs, #Redis #Ruby #Rails (or maybe it is the #TRRRio, #TRRRiangle or #TRRRIfecta), had going, so this is definitely a great trrriple boon IMO.

Redis Trivia: Redis is 15yo, 12lb shorthair female felis catus that is up for adoption from Buffalo: http://www.animalhumanesociety.org/adoption/detail/25179279


Be social, share this issue of Redis Watch (tweet can be edited before posting): I’m reading Redis Watch #41: https://redis.com/redis-watch-archive/41

Historical Moments

Redis, my passion and obsession during the last 2 years, officially got assigned with port 6379 today: http://www.iana.org/assignments/service-names-port-numbers/service-names-port-numbers.xhtml?search=redis. Congratulations to Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez and Redis @redisfeed #MERZFTW.

Tools & Development

Clustering Redis for Magento Caching

#Magento #howto

Can’t understand how I missed this one up until now – so practical and applicable in general: Redis, Sentinel, twemproxy/nutcracker, twemproxy_agent and keepalived. By Mathew Beane @aepod.

How to Create and Expire List Items in Redis

#NodeJS #howto

Good analysis of two approaches to go about expiring set members by Laura Steadman @AdventureSteady from @quickleft (although a list is not a set and a set is not a list).


#Java #foss

Exposes a Jedis service in the minimalist web framework (for Java 8 or higher) – by Edgar Espina @edgarespina.


#NodeJS #foss

An event scheduling system powered by Redis keyspace notifications, specifically these generated by expiration. Before you laugh this one off, I’ll have you know that there are more than a few production environments out there that use the same principle as this little beauty by Patt-tom McDonnell @pthm_.


#Python #foss

From the blazing mind of coldnight comes an asynchronous Redis client written with Tornado coroutine.


#Go #foss

A Redis-backed rate limiter with extensible timing functions, comes with s/m/h resolutions by default courtesy of Eduardo Trujillo @etcinit.

Store Javascript objects in Redis with Node.js the right way

#NodeJS #foss

While Redis still lack native JSON, Kyle @stockholmux found a clever way for fitting them into place – use hughsk/flat from Hugh Kennedy @hughskennedy #flatland

Benchmarking Redis on Google Cloud Platform

#Redis #howto

Romin Irani @iRomin blogs about running redis-benchmark on @GoogleCloud.


Matthew J Morrison @mattjmorrison: “”#redis is like having pot” via @wes_stclair

Thomas Christ from @Tumblr: “Redis as a structured cache”

Dean Wilson @unixdaemon: “”consider systemdizing a dockerized redis.””

weddpros: “There’s little need for a nosql database (except redis maybe, because it’s so fast) if you’re not trying to…”

Matt Nowack @ihumanable via @twilio: “Nothing could stop us, until some developers in Twilio started listening to Rock n’ Roll music and playing around with NoSQL gateway drugs like Memcache and Redis.”

mmalex @mmalex: “just found out from @nathankunicki that redis sentinel kept @tearawaygame servers up after EC2 box failed – downtime <20s. WIN! @antirez

Justin Ryan @quidryan: “Why is FLUSHALL do darn fast in redis? Couldn’t it just sit there for a few seconds, so I’d have enough time to hit CTRL-C?”

Questions? Feedback? Anything you want to share? Email or tweet me – I’m highly available 🙂


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