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July 30th, 2015 – Issue #52

A Newsletter About Everything Redis

Issue #52
July 30th, 2015

# include i.h

For me, the Editor’s Note section is the hardest to come up with, and with every issue I wonder if I can skip it or

Redis Trivia: REDIS was a network of cities that was focused on how municipalities can re-shape districts into science quarters: http://urbact.eu/redis

Cheers & Bon Vacances,

Be social, tweet about Redis Watch: I’m reading Redis Watch #52: https://redis.com/redis-watch-archive/52

Virtual Moka Pot

Since time immemorial within the Redis community, a Moka Pot is considered a token of appreciation to a member for her/his contributions. I’d like to present this one to Josiah Carlson @dr_josiah who administers knowledge quite unlike anyone else.

For starters, as I’ve known the good Dr. to say, he wrote the book about Redis. Many agree that Redis in Action is the best book about Redis and I’ve found it an invaluable resource both in learning Redis as well as instructing others. It is must read that is also available online at the Academy. Next there’s the Redis DB mailing list that features an excess of 2.3K posts from Josiah (that’s an average of 46.392 posts/month, and while I didn’t do a word count of these IIRC the shorter ones are only 6-10 paragraphs long). There are also recorded video sessions, podcasts and more than a dash of Redis in his personal blog.

The Dr. isn’t just talk however, he applies the theory just as well. He maintains his own open source projects including rom – Redis object Mapper for Python (recently having reach to non-Unbuntu-style-versioning version 0.32.2) and has been known to dabble with Redis code (e.g. this fresh beauty: Transactions in Redis). There’s probably a slew of other work that he did and does, but I’m running out of ink. Josiah – may your coffee always taste as good as a cup of Italian Moka, thank you.

int main(int argc, char **argv) {

NEW RELEASE Redis 3.0.3 is out! (<1 minute to read)

An existential release from Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez that is mostly about fixes and variadic arity.

OFFICALLY PROVISIONAL redis:// URI Scheme (<1 minute to read)

Thanks to Chris Rebert @cvrebert‘s initiative and efforts, IANA @theiana has granted provisional status to the proposal #MERZFTW – and the first Redis client that will officially support the provisional URI scheme is…

OH Daniele Alessandri @JoL1hAHN > Starting w/ Predis v1.0.2 it’ll also be possible to provide an URI using the redis:// scheme as defined by redis:// http://www.iana.org/assignments/uri-schemes/prov/redis #redis

Minor release nrk / predis v1.0.2 #PHP #foss

True to his word above – kudos Daniele Alessandri @JoL1hAHN

alpha MSOpenTech Redis on Windows 3.0 Release Notes (<1 minute to read)

Redis on Windows 3.0.100-alpha1 is out from Open at Microsoft @openatmicrosoft – encouraging.

Automagically storing Python objects in Redis #Python #howto

It appears that while Magicians work with rabbits and doves, Automagician JP Verkamp @jpverkamp prefers snakes. Cool.

Miss Manners and Waltzdb (~15 minutes to ponder)

“While durable_rules is a framework for complex event coordination, its linguistic abstraction is also suitable for solving business rules problems such as constraint propagation” – and this is just the first sentence! Jesus Ruiz @jruiztwi provides many more like these and fascinating research material.

UV Logic Using Redis Bitmap #Pattern #slides

Once you’ve realized that UV means Unique Visitors, everything makes perfect sense – from Jooyong Oh

Video Why the Redis community is awesome! (3:10 minutes to watch)

@ObjectRocket had recently released several polished video productions that were shot during RedisConf 2015. My 1st pick is, naturally, this one in which the first 90 seconds open with Chris Lalonde @lalonde_cal who thinks long and hard before answering, Matt Stancliff @mattsta emphasizing the importance of openness and Matt Barker @mbarker sharing his impressions of the community. The remainder is by Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez.

Other videos in the series feature other celeb-redis, including: Yiftach Shoolman @Yiftachsh, Bill Anderson @ucntcme, Conrad Weidenkeller @Conrad_W (p.s. ty!), Joe Engel @Joe_Racker, Matt Cowger @mcowger and Jon Hyman @jon_hyman.

pmwkaa / serenity #C #foss

By Dmitry Simonenko @pmwkaa is project whose home page, http://serenitydb.org/, describes it as “disk storage and real transactions under Redis compatible protocol”, boasts “support of Consistent Cursors, ACID transactions, Stored procedures, etc” and uses sophia (by the same author) as the underlying database. Phew.

Getting started with Celery and Redis #Python #howto

I believe there’s no such thing as too much details and it appears that Akshar Raaj @_akshar shares this belief and his article – a well organized structure that lays out everything you need to know about starting to use Celery.

Rapid Server Development With Koa.js, Redis, PM2 and ES6 Generators #NodeJS #howto

Oleksii/Alex Rudenko @orKoN spills the beans (is this still considered a passable pun in Node.js? I guess not) and provides a breakdown of how his tips server is built. Thoughtfully included is the starter app as well: https://github.com/60devs/koajs-starter-project.

pote / disc #Ruby #foss

Simple (self admitted) Ruby jobs powered by Disque brought to you by pote @poteland #AlternativeToSidekiqAndResque

Save Node.js headaches with Lua and Redis #NodeJS #howto

In the 11th chapter of what is officially the longest series about Node.js and Redis, Kyle @stockholmux finally joins the rest of us who are howling at the moon and unleashes the raw power of #Lua scripting.

ton31337 / redistop #Ruby #foss

A tiny script to run from the command line that prints a summary of your what operations your Redis is doing. Does not have the performance impact of MONITORing – by Donatas Abraitis @abradona.

Scripting and Profiling Improvements in StackExchange.Redis (3 minutes to read providing you know your #DotNET)

An overview by Kevin Montrose @kevinmontrose of the latest in supporting #Lua scripts and providing a profiling interface in the StackExchange.Redis client.

Optimizing Redis Usage For Caching (2 minutes to read)

A quick reminder for some, a possible eye-opener for others: dedicated instances, tune persistence, remember the memory and practice intelligent caching. Word. Via Soren @sorentwo.

Speeding up Existing Apps with a Redis Cache #PHP #howto

…or you could just stick a Redis in front of your database and use it a as an unintelligent cache. Bruno Skvorc @bitfalls, the author, promises more features down line #CliffHanger

silvpol / redis_runner.lua #Lua #foss

Neat-O!!! Another way to debug Lua in Redis, or rather Redis in Lua, or maybe Lua in Redis in Lua. Whatever the case may be, Swav Swiac‘s works definitely strikes a chord with me.

Writing a Redis client in pure bash, part 1 #Bash #foss

Perhaps the best way to pick up a skill is to start practicing it and with Bash you can’t be bashful – Raymond Ranelli @RRanelli is bashing together a REPL for Redis.

Deleting Large Objects in Redis #Pseudocode #Ruby #patterns

Delay the inevitable with this handy collection of patterns for lazy deletion of BIG Redis objects – Hashes, Lists, Sets and Sorted Sets – from Tyson Tate @tyson via RedisGreen @redisgreen. And just in time because…

OH Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez > Finally working to lazy free for Redis…

CLIQZ’s first major open source contribution: Keyvi, the key value index (10 minutes to read)

Some companies use open source databases and some build their own – CLIQZ @cliqz started as the first type and now belongs to the second with its #foss Keyvi project. Intended for high-read workloads, Keyvi offers fast access to highly compressed data, and uses “finite state transducer” technology (this FST, it is I suppose some kind of audio-vibratory-physio-molecular transport device?) to deliver the magic.

Free Promotion Hack The Block – An ObjectRocket Hackathon ($25K in prizes)

Got a killer idea for the good of all and a thirst for cash? Think you have what it takes to take away the grand prize? Registration is open for everyone who wants wring the best out of #MongoDB and #Redis (I only politely ask for the usual 10% finder’s fee out of all future winnings).



OH Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez > So, a very cool thing of working at @redis: we have an “OSS Redis” chat room with many people involved in Redis core development. Huge! <- even huge-er for me – I’m hanging out with real celebredis 😉

Podcast: Boost runtime performance with NoSQL by our very own former VP of Marketing Cameron Peron @cameronperon hosted by Cameron McKenzie @cameronmcnz TheServerSide.com @TSS_dotcom

Redis Academy: Redis in Action Chapter 11: Scripting Redis with Lua is online for your learning pleasure #DiscePuer

Blog: Getting Started with RLEC – How to Create and Configure a Database

Summer Vacation: schools are out and the progenies of Redis’ team (codename NextGen) are occasionally coming to the offices. A recent visit to the Studio was the inspiration for what is now my wallpaper:

Questions? Feedback? Anything you want to share? Email or tweet me – I’m highly available 🙂


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