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August 20th, 2015 – Issue #54

A Newsletter About Everything Redis

Issue #54
August 20th, 2015

# include i.h

Went up the mountain, spent some time there, a bush or something was burning and I must have inhaled the smoke because I came back down carrying these two slabs of stone… (the Redis version): Ten Redis Commandments

Redis Trivia: Sorted sets’ commands start with Z because of their resemblance to z-buffers/z-order in graphics /ht Josiah Carlson @dr_josiah


Be social, tweet about Redis Watch: I’m reading Redis Watch #54: https://redis.com/redis-watch-archive/54

int main(int argc, char **argv) {

struct time {

Simulating a slow command with Node, Redis and Lua #NodeJS #hackto

Kyle @stockholmux shows a nice trick for doing a stack latency analysis. CAUTION: don’t run blocking Lua scripts in production, unless you mean trouble.

Tick-tock: setting a timeout on a Redis call with Node.js #NodeJS #howto

Same Kyle @stockholmux, different post. If a callback is never called back is it still a callback? Philosophy aside, the reality is the sometimes you need to time out a call and this is how you Node that.

Redis Time Series #Lua #howto

Time series are quite useful but trying to fit them into Redis can be unintuitive to the uninitiated… until you read this as-usual-top-notch piece by Markus Bergholz @markuman. Pretty simple now, right?


struct highscalability {

Redis + Sentinel behind HAProxy #HAProxy #howto

Karl Stoney @karlstoney put down what needs to be done to make a single IP endpoint for a Redis HA set with HAProxy – simple and sweet.

Setting up Horizontal Scaling with Redis using Twemproxy, Elasticache and EC2 #twemproxy #howto

Want scalability and want to do it on your own? Head over to Iccha Sethi @IcchaSethi‘s post where she cracked this one for you.

getsentry / rb #Python #foss

Don’t let the name fool you – rb means redis blaster and besides having the COOLEST. LOGO. EVER. it also promises to be the fastest way to talk to many Redis nodes. KABOOM! by Armin Ronacher @mitsuhiko via Sentry @getsentry

Think before you scale (3 minutes to read)

Nice to see that @ObjectRocket is now allowing their users to scale Redis, even if only up is self service. I guess they’ll need to support clustering before Derek Johnson @derekjohnson70 can tell the users to stop spending time and thoughts on scaling 😉

}; // todo: use Redis Cloud or RLEC - so much simpler

Reliable Queueing in Redis: An Update (7 minutes to read)

An update (see RW#3) from Bronto Software @bronto – Tom’s words are exciting but I couldn’t find the code anywhere… Help?

Efficient Redis Caching Through Hashing (5 minutes to read)

This is a classic example of what makes us engineers tick – to study something we examine it, try it out, take it apart, scrutinize its parts, modify something, put it back together, repeat, lather and rinse, and not necessarily in that order. Parker Selbert @sorentwo demonstrates the meaning of Redis’ intelligent caching with a lovely study of hash optimizations (bonus points for the interactive graphs :)).

Reconstructing Payloads With Lua (exactly 6:37.9 minutes to read)

Living up to his nick (at least in this issue that is), Parker Selbert @sorentwo delivers a second piece, this time about my favorite scripting language in Redis and when to use it.

OH @yburyug > @robertfriberg Will do. I’m working on an essay on the history of them from CODASYL onwards to the creation of Redis (the first GREAT nosql)

Spring Data Redis Example #Java #howto

Although it is already high summer, it is never too late for Spring. This one is an example that should quickly get you started with Spring Data – via Java Code Geeks @javacodegeeks #IRejectTheFreeEbooks

NoSQL Exploitaiton Framework – Automating Squeezing Information out of Redis Servers (6 minutes to read)

Francis Alexander @torque59 updated his framework with new modules that target innocent Redis instances in the wild with potential attack vectors. While it is important to know about these “vulnerabilities”, the first and most important step in resolving any security issue is USE A PASSWORD.

About data structures in Redis #Redis #1pager

Reads like good whiskey (or maybe vodka?) and hits just the right point – awesome a-lot-of-what-you-need-know-about-Redis-data-structures-in-one-page from Morgun Ivan @proft

Writing a Redis client in pure bash, part 2

Continuation of the project (see RW#52) from Raymond Ranelli @RRanelli.

Bajix / redis-client-pool #NodeJS #foss

“A config driven redis client factory that pools” – sounds useful.

OH Andrew Newdigate @suprememoocow > The correct way to use the Redis LATENCY DOCTOR command:
`redis-cli LATENCY DOCTOR|say -v Fred` #HAL9000
<- #RedisProTip

Redis: Crystal vs Ruby vs Node vs … (2 minutes to read)

Crystal is da bomb – by Stefan Wille @stefanwille.

closeio / redis-hashring #Python #foss

Now that is really useful – one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them by the Close.io @closeio team.

eu90h / rackdis #Racket #foss

Now that is something that is always fun to see – a new Redis client, this time in for Racket @racketlang.

AshSingh4888 / nodejs-redis-push-notification-demo #NodeJS #foss

Unpretentious and appears to deliver the goods needed to get you started on your own chat app or similar – by Ash Singh @Ash_Singh4u

OH Hayden Jones @work_op > Saying redis is only useful for k/v is like saying Linux is only useful for libc



Video: Top 5 uses of Redis as a Database by our very own Dave Nielsen @davenielsen via PyData Conference @PyDataConf

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