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April 1st, 2016 – Edition #64

A Newsletter About Everything Redis

Edition #64
April 1st, 2016

#include "i.h"

Traditions, much like deadlines and rules, are made to be broken (btw, what do you call a tradition of breaking traditions and do you have break that one too?). It has been twice now that on April’s fool, Redis’ Lead Dev Salvatore Sanfilippo @antirez had announced something awesome. Today, however, the announcement is that there is no announcement… or rather, that the announcement will be made within 1 month and 10 days at RedisConf 2016 (register for free with the RLCONF16 promo code).

If you want a hint as to what that announcement is going to be, feel free to reach out but my lips are sealed.


Redis Trivia: 2^64, or 18,446,744,073,709,551,616, is the total number of 0.5G string values that a Redis database can store.

Be social, tweet about Redis Watch: I’m reading Redis Watch #64!

int main(int argc, char **argv) {

RobertDober/redis_cloud_auto_upgrade #Ruby #foss

How cool is that? Robert Dober @lab419 makes Redis Cloud upgrades from Heroku totally automagic! Our Finance department thanks thee 😉

OH John Nye @john_nye > Redis is like the Man Friday of databases. .

OH DB-Engines @DBEngines >

DB-Engines Ranking climbers of the month:

  1. #MySQL +22.39
  2. #MongoDB +7.11
  3. #Redis +5.02

Caching for a Global Netflix (14 minutes to read) #CachesEverywhere

@Netflix‘s “EVCache is an extensively used data-caching service that provides the low-latency, high-reliability caching solution that the Netflix microservice architecture demands. It is a RAM store based on memcached, optimized for cloud use.” It is designed for caching databases and memoization, but also offers strong global consistency (or eventual) and cross data center replication. The Replication message queue is handled with Apache Kafka with proxied relay clusters. By the EVCache’s team: Shashi Madappa, Vu Nguyen, Scott Mansfield @sgmansfield, Sridhar Enugula, Allan Pratt and Faisal Zakaria Siddiqi @faisalzs

OH Marcos Nils @marcosnils > _After months of work #jedis 3.0 is finally released. Check it out here:!topic/jedis_redis/VAVgyslkERo #redis @heartsavior @xetorthio_ <= big^3 congrats & a great release date 🙂

Redis/luascript #Java #foss

A much nicer way to run scripts from #Jedis – authored by Dvir Volk @dvirsky who’d love to get your feedbacks on it. Should be merged into Jedis if you ask for my opinion 😉

Luainsider – manage your Redis Lua scripts like a pro #howto

Apropos, here’s a methodology, approach and apparatus for semi-persisting and aliasing Redis Lua scripts.

itamarhaber/ #Bash #foss

And not apropos, a couple of weeks ago, while working with GeoJSON, I was trying to load some bulky contents to Redis. I know of at least two Bash clients, but both were too robust for my humble needs. Then came a question from the community that had pushed me to share this.

How To Persist User Sessions Without Much Effort #NodeJS #howto

Sessionization is a favorite Redis use case – some of my best friends do that! – and this one here is a good intro to the subject. By Hays Hutton @haysh of Compose @composeio, an @IBM company.

Working with Redis #Go #howto

A gentle introduction to get you Go-ing by Alex Edwards @ajmedwards.

OH Ishan Aditya @ishanaditya > Note-to-self: If Redis does ever become the bottle-neck, first check the NIC driver 😛

There is something rotten in the state of geohash (3 min read)

Chapter 21, in which Kyle @stockholmux tries to make sense of the world only to realize the obvious – there is no spoon and I wouldn’t trust a module whose name could be hijacked – #LEFTPAD #JustSaying

coopengo/tryton-perf-analyzer #Python #foss

If you’re using the Tryton ERP project this could be useful. If not, just appreciate the ease of using Redis to monitor an application’s performance including access to the primary database – by Ali Kefia @alikefia.

Serializable cross shard client-side transactions (NaN minutes to read)

Seems simple enough… I wonder if it is applicable for uhm, lets say, Redis? by Rystsov Denis @rystsov who keeps a very interesting blog.

Iterate over all keys in a Redis Cluster (5 minutes to read)

Client authors: in case you were wondering how to abstract this, Mark Paluch @mp911de did the thinking for you. BTW, Mark had recently joined @Pivotal‘s SpringCentral @springcentral data team, so congrats are in order around the table.

a Scaleable A/B testing backend in ~100 lines of code (and for free*) (5 minutes to read)

A nearly-instant way to collect events using just AWS’ Lambda & Redis’ HyperLogLog – cool & by Yoav Avner gingerlime.

Asher256/puppet-redis_cluster #Puppet #module

Install and configure multiple instances of Redis in the same node from @Asher256

tidwall/tile38 #Go #foss

“…is a geolocation data store, spatial index, and realtime geofence. It supports a variety of object types including lat/lon points, bounding boxes, XYZ tiles, Geohashes, and GeoJSON. Seems useful, definitely instructional and very reminiscent of something extremely familiar – from Josh Baker @tidwall.

OH data[‘mafia’] = True @datamafia > The sweet smell of #Redis. Best described as Twizzler and motor oil. #programming #LifeInTheQueue #queueLife

Nmap Development: Ncrack postgres + redis modules #Security #Trivia

So that’s actually cool in two ways, the first is obvious – I mean, who doesn’t want to crack Redis, right? The second nice thing has to do with Redis and Nmap in general, so if you’re idle scan through Nmap’s docs to figure it out. Modules courtesy of Vaggoc Deirme @edeirme.

Redis Login Utility #Security #metasploit

This one has no trivia, it is just a brute force attacker – protect yourself by following this quote from the default redis.conf configuration file:

            # Warning: since Redis is pretty fast an outside user can try up to
            # 150k passwords per second against a good box. This means that you should
            # use a very strong password otherwise it will be very easy to break.
            requirepass foobared

OH Chris Black @ThatChrisBlack > I still can’t get over how much faster Redis caching is compared to everything else I’ve tried.

Harnessing the Full power of Redis (PDF, 66 slides)

I had the pleasure of actually attending Daniel Magliola @dmagliola‘s session at El Rug @lrug – if you already know your Redis, I recommend that you keep scrolling until the part about the phone rotator use case. Good stuff.

Redis Performance Monitoring with the ELK Stack #howto

Title says it all – by Asaf Yigal @asafyigal.

Blog post:

Unit testing Redis Lua scripts #Lua #DotNET #howto

The one thing that always bugs me is unit testing Lua scripts – Harald S. Ulriksen @hsulriksen shows how to pull that one easily off (although you still need a Redis server to run them).

OH Redsmin {Redis GUI} @redsmin > Yes! You can now track Redis #Cluster related metrics in Redsmin! <- Simply beautiful, kudos!

Redsmin Cluser UI

Nick Craver – Stack Overflow: The Hardware – 2016 Edition (5 minutes to read) #ScalePorn

I just can’t stop drooling over Stack Overflow @StackOverflow‘s Nick Craver @Nick_Craver posts on their stack’s everything. Of course, one thing leads to another, so you may want a refresher on how Providence uses Redis to store & serve predictions <- #MachineLearning

OH Sean Porter @portertech > .@sensu will soon have proper Redis Sentinel support, making HA Redis configuration much easier. <- that’s pretty, can I have some?


The Future

Rediscope: Streaming video live with redis

This one is going to be streamed live and, if the international community shows interest, would be en inglés. If you’re interested – give a shout to Gonza Ciaffone @gonzaciaffone

When: 7:15 PM, April 26, 2016
Where: L.N.Alem 518, Buenos Aires, Argentina

#RedisConf 2016

Endless Possibilities

If there’s going to be only one Redis event that you’ll go to this year, this should be the one. Register for free with the RLCONF16 promo code and if you hurry, the call for papers is still open (but not for long)!

Einführung in Redis mit Java

When: 6:00 PM, May 17, 2016
Where: Großblittersdorfer Str. 257-259, Saarbrücken, Deutschland
Contact: Thomas Darimont @thomasdarimont


Social media startup uses NoSQL Redis Cloud to ‘scale to infinity’

Jack Vaughan @JackVaughanatTT of TechTarget @TechTarget tells how Spot.IM @spot_im built its entire social service on Redis.

Grindr Settles into a Scalable Platform to Expand its Range of Services

@Grindr‘s Redis story by Joab Jackson @Joab_Jackson via The New Stack @thenewstack.

Give Spark a 45x speed boost with Redis

It’s all about using the right data structure as explained by Redis’ Co-founder & CTO Yiftach Shoolman @Yiftachsh via @infoworld.

Redis Wins THINKstrategies’ Cloud Computing Business Value Award

Via Jeff Kaplan @thinkstrategies

Questions? Feedback? Anything you want to share? Email or tweet me – I’m highly available 🙂



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