Leveraging Redis Enterprise with RedisTimeSeries to streamline intelligent IoT decision-making

By Dustin Brown, Aaron Phillips

In this session you’ll get exposure to Redis Enterprise in Azure with a deep analysis of the RedisTimeSeries module and its benefits to a real-time IoT and control platform called SitePro. This real-world scenario demonstrates how SitePro has embraced and leveraged the RedisTimeSeries module to replace multiple organic processes used for providing real-time and historical analytics. SitePro leverages Redis across their entire organization as a modern replacement for MQTT.

SitePro is a mission-critical IoT platform responsible for controlling and monitoring critical infrastructure throughout the United States. Its cutting-edge approach heavily relies on the capabilities of Redis to ensure congestion-free data flow in order to meet the real-time expectations it has created and championed in the industries it serves.

Topics covered in this session include how the RedisTimeSeries module is a natural fit for supporting data collection from hundreds of thousands of IoT sensors. We discuss the expectations versus the realities that we navigated so your path to production can be as successful. All code samples from HelloTimeSeries will be available via Github.