Capital One: Next-generation digital payments

By Mike Lee

Capital One is building a next-generation digital payment platform capable of processing billions of ACH, wire, and other forms of transactions annually. Each step of the streaming event-driven payment-processing workflow requires real-time performance, resiliency, and traceability ensuring compliance. Its microservice architecture is designed to handle failure at every level, starting with the choice to build cloud-native. In order to make this reality, Capital One required best-in-class cloud-native technologies that delivered on their demanding SLAs.

Given the event-driven nature of the payment processing workflow requirements, Redis Enterprise was selected for its ease of use and flexible in-memory footprint. The event sourcing pattern was core to their architecture, which made the combination of in-memory and write-behind footprint a perfect fit as an immutable event store, microservice telemetry tracker, and checkpoint-store to ensure that non-idempotent transactions avoid duplication.

Capital One leverages Redis Enterprise because it delivers on its real-time performance SLAs and provides cloud-native, cloud-agnostic, and high-availability of the platform. This seamlessly aligns with their rehydration process, completely rebuilding the footprint periodically to ensure the latest software is being used. The implementation is able to meet business continuity needs out-of-the-box, with conflict-free, active-active deployment across the regional footprint.