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Redis Day TLV 2019

Videos and Presentations


Persistent HA Redis in Chaotic Environments

Andrei BurdSeatGeek Senior Infrastructure Manager

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RediSearch & CRDT

Meir ShpilraienRedis Software Engineer


Unstructured Data into Interactive Graph

Jacob KomarovskiXpoLog Turn Data Into Action

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LFU Cache Optimization

Sripathi Krishnan CTO RDBTools & HashedIn

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Interactions on Event Aggregation in Redis

Amir MoualemSnyk Software Engineer

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Serverless with Redis

Adam MatanBinaris Head of DevRel

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Writing Redis Modules in Rust

Gavrie PhilipsonRedis Cluster Group


Stuff I Made for Redis v6

Salvatore Sanfilippo Redis Lead Open Source
Redis Developer


How to Scale Up with Redis

Kfir ZuckermanBinah AI VP R&D

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Why Redis Needs Enterprise

Yiftach ShoolmanRedis Co-Founder &


The Right Tool for the Right Job: Redis Modules & Zig

Loris CroRedis Developer Advocate


Bootiful Spring & Redis Apps

Mario GrayPivotal Developer Advocate


RediSearch Performance and Benchmarking at Redis

Dr Keren Ouknine


Exploiting Math for Performance

Roi LipmanRedis Graph Lead Developer