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Webinar: A New Redis Module for Fast Partial Graph Queries

When:Jun 24, 2020 | 9:00 AM PDT
Duration:1 hr
Featured Speaker:Riley Patterson, Head of Engineering at Telepath

Join Riley Patterson, Head of Engineering at Telepath as he walks through the best social products leveraging social networks to personalize content for users. It is common to visualize this as queries intersecting multiple graph structures, and Redis is an excellent datastore for executing this function.

Riley and the Telepath team have built a module, redis-fast-set-ops, to optimize efficiency beyond the built-in commands. For example, queries like, “Who do I follow who also has liked this content?” can be computed using built-in commands like SINTER and SDIFF on relevant adjacency sets. If we maintain scored sets with timestamps as scores for each edge, then recency ranking can be preserved across set operations, allowing for more detailed and advanced queries. 

In this talk, Riley will walk through this use case of Redis as a store for actions across a social graph, diving into how redis-fast-set-ops (https://github.com/telepath-inc/redis-fast-set-ops) can be used to support faster partial graph queries for common applications.

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Riley Patterson, Head of Engineering at Telepath

Currently building a new social media product with a small team at Telepath.

Worked as a software engineer and manager at Quora for five years total on a wide variety of product, frameworks, and infrastructure projects.