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Redis Enterprise Rising!

The story of Redis has been an unusual and exciting one! With our roots in the open source, we started as a cloud service for Redis and Memcached many years ago and over time developed robust automation, high availability and scaling techniques that attracted hundreds and thousands of users.  We made the powerful software that underpins our service, available as downloadable software for the customers to use on premises and in any private environments. During this time, we added critical features to our technology that gave it a broader appeal such as:

  • Redis extended to Flash memory for cost-effectiveness with large datasets
  • Active-Active geo distribution based on CRDTs ( conflict – free replicated datatypes) for simplicity of deployment of global apps
  • Built-in modules such as those for search, JSON and bloom filters.

At the same time, we expanded our deployment capabilities – not only did we add many more regions and clouds, we also made our robust, reliable and cost-effective service available inside VPCs – much to the delight of some of our customers.

Since the technology underpinning was common to all the ways in which our products surfaces,  we intuitively called it Redis Enterprise. ( sometimes you will see it as redis to the power e – like redise).

To make it obvious and simple that our secret sauce technology is what serves our 8000+ enterprise and our tens of thousands of free users, we are unifying our product names under this umbrella name,  Redis Enterprise. Our deployment options – public clouds, VPCs and software are simply monikers to help customers choose the deployment environment and level of service they desire.

Our public cloud service, Redis Enterprise Cloud is not just fully -managed, it is also hosted in the cloud regions of your choice on our instances. You simply pick a plan, move a slider to scale up or down – we do all the rest.

Our private cloud service, Redis Enterprise VPC runs inside your VPCs as a fully-managed service, and brings you all the advantages of Redis Enterprise (Active-Active, Redis on Flash, Modules, automation, seamless scaling, cost savings and many many more) with the security and privacy of your VPCs.

Redis Enterprise software ( called Redis Pack or Redis Enterprise Cluster in previous incarnations) contains the power of our Redis Enterprise technology and can be deployed in several operating environments including Linux, MacOs, Windows,  inside Docker containers , in Pivotal Cloud Foundry and in OpenShift environments orchestrated by Kubernetes.

If you encounter our old product names on content created in prior years, please pardon us. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” , argues Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet”, but we think Redis Enterprise is sweeter!