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Complex Platform

In traditional platforms, you need to connect and manage multiple systems leading to a complex data pipeline, cloud lock-in, production delays, and overall slower system.

━━━━━ Simple Platform ━━━━━

With Redis Enterprise, you can use streams, pub/sub, RedisTimeSeries, Redis Gears, and more to collect, ETL, analyze, and share real‑time data in one single platform.

Complex Platform

With other Redis providers,
you’re limited to using Redis as a cache.

━━━━━ Simple Platform ━━━━━

With Redis Enterprise, Redis becomes your Primary DB that supports both Enterprise caching and a multi-model database for building  modern applications or low latency microservice architectures.

Complex Platform

With other databases and hosting providers, you may get locked-in and not have the flexibility you need for your business.

━━━━━ Simple Platform ━━━━━

With Redis Enterprise, you have the flexibility to go from one cloud to another, deploy on multiple clouds, or even choose hybrid deployments.

Complex Platform

With other Redis-hosted providers,
you mainly get the features of Redis OSS.

━━━━━ Simple Platform ━━━━━

For the most demanding enterprise workloads, only Redis Enterprise provides 99.999% uptime, sub-millisecond latency, single-digit-seconds failover, Active-Active Geo Replication, and no data loss.

Complex Platform

Redis OSS hosted by others is way too expensive. Even databases such as DynamoDB are 4x more expensive and 10x slower.

━━━━━ Simple Platform ━━━━━

Even with all the enterprise features, Redis Enterprise starts at just $7/month. For terabytes of data, you can store them in Flash and save up to 80%.


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