Fully managed Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS

Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS is a fully managed database-as-a-service trusted by thousands of customers for high performance, infinite scalability, true high availability, and support from the creators of Redis.

Learn how you can run Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS for all of your modern applications.

Why Redis Enterprise?

You’ll outgrow open source Redis, and when you do the choice is clear.

Redis Enterprise is the best performing fully-managed cache and database-as-a service available on AWS (or anywhere). Redis Enterprise is based on open source Redis and is entirely compatible with AWS ElastiCache.

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What customers are saying about Redis Enterprise on AWS

Uninterrupted availability anywhere

Organizations need caching and database technologies that let them build modern applications while meeting ever-increasing performance, scalability, and regulatory requirements. See how Active-Active geo-distribution with CRDT technology enables deployments that provide global scale at the local latency required by modern applications. 

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Empowering customers on AWS

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Retail customers deliver customized real-time shopping experiences using:

Redis Enterprise Cloud's high throughput and low-latency Active-Active geo-distribution to provide seamless cross-platform shopping experiences.

RediSearch for quick, accurate retail search performance and real-time inventory.

RedisJSON, RedisAI, and RedisGraph to enable highly personalized retail and customer support experiences.

Gaming customers provide a flawless user experience using:

Redis Enterprise Cloud's infinite linear scaling and low-latency Active-Active geo-distribution for global game session management.

Redis on Flash and RedisBloom to provide accurate real-time in-game leaderboards regardless the number of players.

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Developers use Redis Enterprise Cloud's modules to build more powerful applications

Redis Enterprise modules

Add superpowers to Redis

Try a Redis Enterprise module

Redis Enterprise Cloud includes several modern data models allowing you to build your applications with searchable JSON, time series and graph data models, and high-performance probabilistic data structures. These modules are comprehensive, production-ready, and battle-tested that provide full features. They allow you to use Redis as a full-document database, a full-text search engine, a fully featured graph database, and many other common use cases.

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Go serverless

Discover how to use Redis Enterprise Cloud, RediSearch, and AWS Lambda to create cloud-native microservice applications. Redis Enterprise Cloud is an AWS Outposts Ready Product.

Check out the serverless appliation we built and showcased during AWS re:invent!

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