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Get Redis Enterprise as a Fully Managed Service on Google Cloud

Run, scale, and manage Redis on Google Cloud

The best experience for enterprises to run Redis on Google Cloud

Redis Enterprise is now available as a fully managed Database-as-a-Service on Google Cloud. Engineered in partnership with Google, Redis Enterprise tightly integrates with Google Cloud to automate the tasks required to deploy, manage, and scale Redis. Sign-up fast through the Google Cloud Marketplace and get a single, unified bill that includes Redis Enterprise alongside your other Google Cloud products and services. When transacted through the Google Cloud Marketplace, consumption of Redis Enterprise is accounted for against your existing commitment to the cloud.

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Redis Enterprise on Google Anthos with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

A self-managed Redis Enterprise solution for Google customers.

With certification on Anthos, Redis Enterprise enables companies to extend a real-time data layer to on-premises, bare-metal, and hybrid and multi-cloud environments while maintaining a GKE operational experience. Redis Enterprise will also be available on the GKE Marketplace to give customers the benefit of a consolidated billing experience and rapid deployment of Redis Enterprise with a single click, anywhere.

What customers are saying about
Redis Enterprise on Google

One of our requirements was to outsource as much work to the cloud as possible. Redis Enterprise’s easy compatibility with Google Cloud allow us to focus on the analytics, rather than maintaining the underlying environment. Redis Enterprise makes it possible to process a large amount of data while adhering to low-latency requirements from millions of sensors every day.

Lalit Pandit

Software Development Manager, Inovonics


Boost operational efficiency

Our fully automated service lets you deploy Redis Enterprise on Google Cloud in just a few clicks. Automatically scale your database without any interruption to your applications. Grow your dataset to any size with no downtime.

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Built-in resiliency to overcome the toughest outage scenarios

Safeguard against every type of failure with high availability, instant failure detection, and single-digit seconds failover across regions and availability zones. Redis Enterprise is backed by a five-nines (99.999%) SLA.

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Handle peak traffic spikes

Deliver fast, predictable performance. Powered by a shared-nothing architecture, Redis Enterprise delivers virtually infinite linear scaling for your apps to instantly handle millions of requests a second with sub-millisecond latency on Google Cloud’s fast global network.

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Big costs savings

Redis Enterprise includes Redis on Flash, which offers the unique ability to run very large databases at significant cost savings. Tiered memory lets your Redis databases span DRAM, Flash with fast NVMe, and persistent memory (such as Intel® OptaneTM DC).

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Built to support a microservices architecture

Our integration lets you deploy any number of completely isolated databases under the same Google Cloud subscription. Once you create a subscription, you can launch (or delete) new databases in just a few seconds with no additional operational or infrastructure costs.

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Durability backup and disaster recovery

Protect against data loss even in cases of multiple node or zone failures, and allow fast recovery in case of complete outages. Data can be persisted to disk every write, every second, or with point-in-time snapshots to Google Cloud Storage—without affecting performance.

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Simplified pricing and unified billing

Redis Enterprise is available on the Google Cloud Marketplace with unified billing from Google Cloud with all your other products and services. Pay only for what you need.

Deploy a Redis Enterprise on Google Cloud in just a few clicks!