Fully managed Redis Enterprise Cloud on Google Cloud

Developed in partnership with Google, Redis Enterprise Cloud integrates with Google Cloud to provide a fully managed real-time database-as-a-service to run, scale, and manage Redis.

Learn how you can run Redis Enterprise Cloud on
Google Cloud for all of your data-driven applications.

Why Redis Enterprise?

Futureproof your data layer with the only version of Redis that enables faster
growth and more powerful applications – while meeting businesses’ real-time data needs at any scale. Redis Enterprise is based on open source Redis and is entirely compatible with Google Cloud Memorystore.

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Redis Enterprise Cloud on Google Cloud

Unlocking the cloud-native data layer

Companies are becoming increasingly software-centric and using cloud-native strategies to build the real-time apps customers demand. The businesses that win in this always-on real-time environment must get the most out of their cloud.

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Redis Enterprise Cloud on Google Cloud empowers customers

Gaming customers provide a flawless user experience with:

Global game sessions that scale infinitely on Redis Enterprise Cloud while delivering low local latency to gamers across the globe, without data conflict, with Active-Active geo-distribution.

Accurate real-time in-game leaderboards, regardless of the number of players, with the unparalleled cost-efficiency of Redis on Flash and the accuracy of RedisBloom.

Active-Active Geo Distribution.
Personalized real-time customer services

Financial services customers power fast, reliable, and secure financial applications with:

Real time application performance using Redis Enterprise Cloud's unparalleled speed and low-latency global session management, without data conflict, with Active-Active geo-distribution with CRDTs.

Intelligent applications that identify anomalies to detect fraud using RedisAI and RedisBloom.

Personalized real-time customer service experiences powered by RediSearch.

Developers use Redis Enterprise Cloud's modules to build more powerful applications

Redis Enterprise modules
Redis Enterprise modules

Add superpowers to Redis

Try a Redis Enterprise module

Redis Enterprise Cloud includes several modern data models allowing you to build your applications with searchable JSON, time series and graph data models, and high-performance probabilistic data structures. These modules are comprehensive, production-ready, and battle-tested that provide full features. They allow you to use Redis as a full-document database, a full-text search engine, a fully featured graph database, and many other common use cases.

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