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Redis Cloud Pricing

Redis Essentials

Starting at $5/month

  • 1 database per subscription
  • Redis Stack extended features and data types included
  • Low traffic and up to 10,000 connections
  • Data Persistence and replication (HA) supported
  • Instant and daily backups
  • Basic support


Redis Pro

Everything in Essentials, plus:

  • Nearly infinite number of databases, size, and throughput
  • Clustering supported
  • Dedicated VPC (supports VPC peering)
  • Advanced features such as Active-Active, Active-Passive, Auto Tiering and more
  • Up to 99.999% SLA
  • Enhanced support


For best value and premium services

Everything in Flexible, plus:

  • Customer Success packages
  • Premium support
  • Discounts available with annual commitment

Available on any cloud

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Plan comparison

AvailabilityAWS, Azure, GCP
AWS, Azure, GCPAWS, Azure, GCPAWS, Azure, GCP
Sold throughDirectDirectDirect, Partner MarketplacesOur sales dept & partners
Pricing methodologyFreeOn-DemandOn-DemandAnnual Subscription
Data transferIncluded in price, limited*Included in price, limited*Usage-basedUsage-based
* Redis may slow or block data transfer if Customer’s usage causes network congestion.
Active-Passive global distribution (“Replica Of”)
Active-Active global distribution (CRDTs-based)
Multi-cloud & hybrid cloud/on-prem deployment
Core CapabilitiesFreeEssentialsProAnnual
Infinite seamless linear scalability
High-availability & single digit seconds auto-failover
Multi-AZ availability
Data persistence & durability
Daily and instant backups, DR
Memcached protocol support
Cloud SLA – Uptimeup to 99.99%up to 99.999%up to 99.999%
Auto Tiering
VPC Peering
Access control & authentication
      SIP authentication
      Password protection
      SSL authentication
      Role-based authorization
      Data in transit
      Data at rest
24/7 deployment monitoring & reporting
Enhanced UI (RedisInsight)
Grafana integration
Redis FeaturesFreeEssentialsProAnnual
Search and Query
Time Series
Additional Software & ToolsFreeEssentialsProAnnual
ODBC/JDBC connector
Spark connector
Support, Customer Success & LearningFreeEssentialsProAnnual
24/7 toll-free support hotline
Support LevelBest effortBasicStandardPremium
Onboarding & data migrationSilver, Gold or Platinum
Technical Account Manager (TAM)Silver, Gold or Platinum
On-demand access to Redis University

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Redis Essentials

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Pro Plan – Sizing Calculator


Auto Tiering:

Enter the memory size and throughput requirements of all your databases and we will build an optimal subscription to suit your needs.

Database Type

Memory Limit (GB)


Throughput (ops/sec)

Number of Shards

Average Item Size (Bytes)

# of Databases of This Type

Database 1

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More on the Flexible Plan Pricing

We optimize your plan price according to the workload requirements you provision. Enter (via our web admin console or via API) your requirements (in GB and ops/sec for each database) and we will build for you the optimal, cost-effective infrastructure and Redis Enterprise configuration. You can change your workload provisioning at any given time and your configuration and price will change accordingly. Redis Enterprise is built from components called "shards" (or "Redis instances"). We provide different type of shards, each capable of handling a certain capacity of GB and ops/sec, for better distribution of your workload accross the cloud infrastructure and for optimizing your price, Shard types and prices are shown below:

Shard Type Capacity (1) Price (2)


  1. Ops/sec indicated may be conservative for some Redis use cases, in which a shard may support higher than indicated ops/sec.
  2. Shard price includes the price of the underlying cloud infrastructure.
  3. $0.881/hour minimum plan price applies for any combination of shards, except for Very Large Shards, where $3.484/hour minimum price applies.
  4. Prices do not include network costs, which will be charged back-to-back to the cloud provider's charge.


You provisioned (via our service manager console or via API) an initial workload of 25GB and 25,000 ops/sec. Our optimization engine determined that you need 2 Large Shards that cost $1.17/hr. This cost includes the underlying cloud infrastructure, except network costs, which are charged back-to-back to the cloud provider's charge.

Assuming now that your workload requirements grew, and you changed your provisioning to 100GB and 500,000 ops/sec, the optimization engine will determine that you now need 40 High Throughput Shards (instead of the 2 Large Shards you had before) that cost $7.88/hr.

And if later, your requirements shrunk and you changed your provisioning to 50GB and 50,000 ops/sec, the optimization engine will determine that you only need 4 Large Shards (instead of the 40 High Throughput Shards you had before) that cost only $2.34/hr.

Bottom line - any time you change your provisioning, we optimize your subscription to support your workload at the minimum cost to you.

Sizing Calculators

Use our sizing calculators to find out the shard configuration needed to support
your workload and your Flexible plan price.


Workload Calculator

Enter your databases GB and ops/sec to size your optimal subscription.

RediSearch Calculator

Enter your real-time search and secondary indexing requirements to size your database.

RedisGraph Calculator

Enter your graph parameters to estimate the memory size, throughput and RedisGraph Units required to support your deployment.