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Why Redis Enterprise?

Open source is great—until it slows you down. If you’ve outgrown open source, you could be using your team’s resources much more efficiently. Our enterprise-grade cloud and software services help you avoid complex time-consuming operations, risk in your tech stack, high infrastructure costs, and difficulty expanding beyond basic caching.

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Redis Enterprise vs. Redis open source

If you need to scale fast and reliably, there is no comparison. Redis Enterprise lets you:

Save time

Simplicity, automation, advanced tooling, and managed services — measured to help our customers deploy 2X faster, save approximately $1M from improved efficiency, and integrate data with 0 lines of code.

Save money

Efficient RAM management — that helps our customers reduce infrastructure costs by up to 70%.

Reduce risk

Highly secure, compliant, and resilient enterprise-hardened version of Redis that you can standardize around — that helped our customer, Simility, reduce downtime by 20%.

Do more with Redis

Unlock the true value of fast data, using Redis to build the next generation of applications that transform your business — using 1 technology for all of your real-time use cases.

Redis Open Source vs. Redis Enterprise

Running on Redis OSS? Redis Enterprise, built on top of Redis open source, is designed to deliver the Redis experience at enterprise scale. See how they compare below.

Redis Open SourceRedis Enterprise
In-memory storage to provide sub-millisecond latency
Save timeAvailable supported and managed by Redis
Automatic rebalancing and resharding when scaling
Official client libraries (Jedis, node-redis, redis-py, NRedisStack, Go-Redis, Lettuce)
Save moneyBuilt in multi-tenancy to fully utilize infrastructure
Auto Tiering technology that maintains performance while cutting costs at scale
99.999% SLA for availability
Reduce riskActive-Passive replication (geographic redundancy for outage protection)
Active-Active Geo Replication (simultaneous reads and writes to multiple geographically distributed nodes with data consistency)
Built-in JSON data structure support
Do more with RedisSearch and query, secondary indexing, and full text search
Vector database with vector search

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