Not all Redises were
created equal

Unlock the full potential of Redis. Scale and run it anywhere with Redis Enterprise.

Redis Enterprise

Still running your operations on Redis open source? Building, deploying, and running Redis open source is consuming your team’s resources and they have better things to do. Redis Enterprise takes everything you love about Redis and unlocks its full potential, allowing you to run any real-time app at any scale, anywhere.

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Redis Open Source vs. Redis Enterprise

Running on Redis OSS? Redis Enterprise, built on top of Redis open source, is designed to deliver the Redis experience at enterprise scale. See how they compare below.

Redis Open SourceRedis Enterprise
Boost app performance with Redis cache
Support enterprise caching (read replica, write-behind, write-through)
BuildBuild any real-time app on Redis with extended data model and processing engines support (JSON, search, time series, graph)
Rapid development with out-of-the-box object mapping libraries for Spring, ASP.NET Core, FastAPI, and Express
Redis GUI with predefined developer guides and tools
Fully supported deployment on-premise or hybrid cloud
DeployAutomated deployment on any cloud or multicloud
Ingest data from external data sources with RedisConnect
Deliver consistent real-time customer experience globally with geo-distributed Redis
RunAutomated database and cluster management (scaling, re-sharding, rebalancing)
Built-in high-availability and disaster recovery management
Enterprise-grade customer support from the creators of Redis

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We were relying on OSS Redis, so it was easy to go forward with Redis Enterprise for increased support and to make scaling easier—and it couldn’t get any easier from a developer standpoint.

Anton Dollmaier

Senior Site Reliability Engineer


With Redis Enterprise, we’ve been able to improve responsiveness on our website as well as our strategic mobile app, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and additional revenue.

Dani Mohr

Head of Software Development


It really wasn’t cost-effective to maintain [open source] Redis internally; it was a lot better to get involved with others who were experts in the technology.

Spenser Aden

Senior Director of Product Architecture