We are committed to providing enterprise-grade support and encourage you to reach out to us on an ongoing basis about any issues you may have—and more importantly, about any changes you intend to make to your environment. Redis is pleased to provide advice and assistance regarding any upgrades or changes to your infrastructure to keep your cluster running smoothly. Our team will act as an extension of your team by diagnosing, detecting, and troubleshooting potential issues before they turn into problems for your deployment.

The following describes the highlights of our support policy. For more info, please refer to our Cloud Terms and Software Terms.

Support levelBasicStandardPremium
24 x 7 support
Online helpdesk/email/phone support
Unlimited number of tickets
Response time
Urgent tickets3 hours2 hours1 hour
High-priority tickets8 hours6 hours3 hours
Normal/low-severity tickets*24 hours24 hours10 hours

* Response times for normal/low-severity tickets apply Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., at your primary time zone. 

Urgent” is described as a catastrophic problem in your production database that results in inability to access data or in loss of data.

High” is described as a high-impact problem in your production database that would disrupt essential operations, without impact on data availability and with no data loss.

Normal” is described as a lower-impact problem on a production or non-production database that involves a partial or limited loss of non-critical functionality, or some other problem involving no loss in functionality and does not prevent your continued essential operations. Normal problems also include all problems on non-production databases, such as test and development databases.

Low” is described as a general usage question. It also includes enhancement or modification requests. There is no impact on the quality, performance, or functionality of the database in a production or non-production system.