The Impact of Application Modernization on the Data Layer

An IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Redis Labs

How are companies decomposing monolith applications and creating new greenfield applications with microservice architectures? Redis Labs commissioned IDC to study patterns which are emerging in this journey, in particular the role databases played in supporting these services.

Read a complimentary copy of the study to learn:

  • How microservice architectures are being used and why they are being leveraged
  • What are the underlying infrastructure choices being made for these architectures
  • Why Key-value and NoSQL are the most widely chosen databases for microservice architecture
  • Understand how companies are solving the database challenges of deployment, workflows, management, and more for these services

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Source: IDC InfoBrief, Sponsored by Redis Labs, “The Impact of Application Modernization on the Data Layer”, Doc# US47071720, January 2021

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