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Native JSON support in Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise

Build a Fast, Flexible, and Searchable Document Store

To get enhanced application customer experience, you need a low latency, JSON-oriented document database. Real-time document store on Azure Cache for Redis allows you to build modern, scalable applications. It can either be used as a cache to reduce read and write latencies or as a fully-featured in-memory document store that provides native support to store, index, query, and run full-text search on JSON documents, all at the speed of Redis. 

Join Sean Noyes and Roberto Perez, Senior Cloud Solutions Architects from Redis Inc. and Kyle Teegarden, Senior Product Manager from Microsoft, as they discuss the new capabilities, data modeling and show you live query examples that will help you tackle your day-to-day challenges.

Event Speakers

Sean Noyes

Sean Noyes,

Senior Cloud Partner Solution Architect

Roberto Perez

Roberto Perez

Senior Partner Solutions Architect

Kyle Teegarden

Kyle Teegarden

Senior Product Manager

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