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Redis Real-Time Data in Action: From Hello World to ChatGPT Virtual Workshop

Experience Redis Enterprise Cloud Hands-on

This Redis instructor-led workshop will introduce architects and developers to Redis Cloud as a vector database and ways of building real-time AI applications using Redis vector search capabilities.

In one session, you’ll be able to go from ‘Hello World’ in the cloud to your own private ChatGPT.

After completing this session, developers will:

  • Provision and take home their own Redis Cloud database
  • Understand and see hands-on traditional and innovative Redis use cases for AI applications
  • Build a Large Language Model (like ChatGPT) – based solution assisted by Redis vector search capabilities.

And did we mention that this is free? Why not invest two hours to learn how to build real-time AI applications based on vector search?


  • Introductions
  • Redis Basics (hands-on)
  • LLM Basics (hands-on)
  • LLMs
  • Vector Database (hands-on)
  • LLMs+Redis+Langchain (hands-on)
  • Q&A

Event Speaker

Anton Umnikov

Anton Umnikov,

Principal Solution Architect

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