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TDWI VIRTUAL SUMMIT: Real-Time Analytics Enabled by Redis Enterprise

As we accelerate towards the digital-first economy, real-time business insights and analytics become a frontline concern. Feeding into this trend are greater volumes and varieties of data to be generated, collected, analyzed, and served.

In this virtual session, we will discuss how adding cloud-native in-memory database technology can enable real-time analytics and improve the end-user digital experience by orders of magnitude. We’ll cover how Redis can enable real-time data serving across trending architectures such as data meshes, data virtualization, and lambda/kappa architectures.

In addition, we will also discuss how Redis is used as a data serving layer in machine learning pipelines for online feature storage, vector similarity search, and even powers large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT.

Spotlight Speaker

Allen Terleto, Redis Field CTO

Allen Terleto

Field CTO

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