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The Home Depot: Implementation Patterns to Leverage Redis to Turbo-Charge Existing (Legacy) Applications

There are existing applications that are potentially monolithic, leveraging a relational database. We have experienced that introducing Redis has significantly helped with the performance and scalability of the application, while we work our way to break up the large application over time into a suite of micro-services that is deployed on a PAAS. Implementation patterns using in-memory data structures provided by Redis allowed us to deliver a number of improvements that significantly improved the health and performance of a critical system. This system manages over $25B of business with significant business- process complexity. The usage of Redis to create read-caches, manage concurrency issues, write-through and write-back caches, improves response times by upto 75% and reduced transaction latencies by 30% in scenarios such as:

  • Faster lookups for catalog, config and master data
  • Concurrent writes to RDBMS tables with multiple indexes
  • Distributed lock management while accessing shared resources
  • Increasing parallelism when multiple processes need to access the same data.
When:September 12th, 2017 | 9:00 am
Duration:60 Minutes
Featured Speaker:Hari Ramamurthy, Distinguished Engineer, The Home Depot
Murugan Gandhi, Staff Engineer, The Home Depot
Audience:Architect, Developers, Ops Engineers


Hari Ramamurthy, Distinguished Engineer, The Home Depot

Hari Ramamurthy is a Distinguished Engineer at The Home Depot with hands-on technical expertise and deep functional knowledge related to omnichannel retailing and third-party logistics operations. Hari has designed and implemented solutions specializing in distributed order management, warehouse management systems, call centers, store order management applications, in-store location tracking, and marketing solutions. He’s led over 10 complex implementations for name-brand Fortune 500 companies across multiple geographies. Hari specializes in designing scalable systems that leverage emerging technologies and performance tuning applications.

Murugan Gandhi, Staff Engineer, The Home Depot

Murugan Gandhi is a Staff Engineer at The Home Depot with years of experience in implementing Warehouse and Order Management Systems for fortune 500 companies in US. Experienced in developing robust scalable Direct-to-Consumer (Web & Call Center Management) platform supporting multi brand business and developing service parts logistics application that takes care of parts distribution, transportation and tracking/repair of parts. Currently involved in architecture, design and develop Customer Order Management platform that scale order volume and performance throughput for Omni-channel retailing.

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