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Build engaging games

Set your game apart with Redis Cloud on AWS

Building a great game involves more than creating unique features and services. You need to deliver them seamlessly for real-time experiences, at scale. Any lag time may mean the difference between game on and game over.

Give your players a great in-game experience with a real-time database that supports use cases including matchmaking, leaderboards, and inventory. Start building with Redis Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a fully managed database-as-a-service.

Up-level your customer’s gaming experience

Real-time leaderboards

Create leaderboards that easily keep up with fast-changing rankings—even across geographic regions.

Community and matchmaking

Improve player engagement by making it easy to find friends and form teams—and to match player power levels.

Fully managed service on AWS

Rely on 15 years of experience supporting gaming customers. Reduce operational overhead and resource costs when you deploy in AWS Marketplace.

The Game Developer’s Guide to Matchmaking

In this e-book, discover the data requirements for fast, consistent, and accurate in-game matchmaking and how Redis Cloud on AWS gives you the response time, high availability, and seamless scalability you need to meet industry standards.

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Set up Redis Cloud on AWS

See how you can quickly get started with Redis Enterprise on AWS
and set up VPC peering for a more secure, more performant, and more cost-effective connection.

Deploy Redis on AWS with unified billing and consumption toward your AWS commit