Fast graph processing powered by linear algebra and matrix multiplication

RedisGraph is based on a unique approach and architecture that translates Cypher queries to matrix operations executed over a GraphBLAS engine. This new design allows use cases like social graph operation, fraud detection, and real-time recommendation to be executed 10x – 600x faster than any other graph database.


Fastest graph database

Process complex graph operations in
real time, 10x – 600x faster than any other graph database.

Ease of use

Query graphs using the industry-standard Cypher query language and easily use graph capabilities from application code.

Integrated visualization

Show how your data is connected through multiple visualization integrations including RedisInsight, Linkurious, and Graphileon.

RedisGraph sizing calculator

Size your RedisGraph deployment according to your specific requirements.

Use cases


Rapidly find connections between your customers and the experiences they want by examining the relationships between them.

Graph-aided search

Search for single or multiple words or
phrases and execute full-text and linguistic queries in real time over your graph.

Identity and access management

Define complex resources access permissions as a graph and enable rapid real-time verification of these permissions with a single query.

RedisGraph with RedisInsight

RedisInsight is an intuitive visual tool to explore and analyze your data in Redis.

RedisInsight supports RedisGraph and allows you to:

• Build and execute queries
• Navigate your graphs
• Browse, analyze, and export results

As benefits, you get faster turnarounds when building your RedisGears scripts.

Main capabilities

GraphBLAS engine graph database

GraphBLAS defines standard building blocks for graph algorithms in linear algebra. Co-sponsored by Redis, the SuiteSparse open source library executes graph traversal in the most optimal way.

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Sparse adjacency matrices

Reduces the amount of memory required to store large graphs of connected data, using state-of-the-art sparse matrices.

Cypher query

Instantly translates the industry-standard Cypher query language for graph queries into linear algebraic expressions.

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