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Redis Enterprise Cloud

Real-time data. Any scale. Anywhere.

Not just any Redis.

Power your real-time data-driven apps

Redis Enterprise Cloud benefits

  • Five-nines uptime
    Up to 99.999% uptime for your business-critical applications.
  • Attractive TCO
    Start free, pay only for the dataset size and throughout you provision.
  • Built for speed and instant experiences
    In-memory database that enables sub-millisecond performance.
  • Architectural simplicity and scale
    Infinitely scale your application data while maintaining linear, real-time performance.
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud
    Distribute your datasets across regions, clouds, or hybrid environments while maintaining sub-millisecond access time.
  • Enhanced developer productivity
    Redis data structures and modules empower developers to do more faster.

Fully managed serverless cloud database service

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Key features

Multiple databases in a cluster indicating high availability

True high availability

  • Single-digit seconds auto-failover time
  • Pure in-memory replication
  • Built-in data-persistence, periodic backups, and auto-cluster recovery
A speedometer all the way to max

Linear scalability and
instant performance

  • Auto-scaling, re-sharding, and rebalancing
  • Up to 200M ops/sec at sub-millisecond latency
A globe with lines going around it and the words Active-Active

Unify data across hybrid, multi-cloud,
and the globe

  • CRDTs-based Active-Active deployment
  • Seamless conflict resolution
  • Local read AND write latency across clouds and geos
  • Disaster recovery, instant failover between regions, clouds, and hybrid deployments
Redis Enterprise modules around a database

Modern data-model for modern applications

RedisInsight interface

RedisInsight developer tool

Powerful Redis UI that allows you to:

  • Explore and interact with any data-structure or data-model in Redis
  • Analyze and optimize your memory usage
  • Monitor commands in real-time
  • Get insight into new Redis capabilities with full visibility

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Getting started with Redis Enterprise Cloud is easy. You can get your feet wet with a free trial of Redis Enterprise Cloud, or if you want to scale out Redis Enterprise immediately, our Flexible and Annual plans are your best bet.