Take control of your data with Redis Enterprise Software

The most feature-complete, enterprise-grade Redis

Deploy and run real-time applications with full control over your data. Redis Enterprise Software is a self-managed data platform that unlocks the full potential of Redis at enterprise scale. The speed you know and love with the compliance, reliability, and unmatched resiliency for modern enterprises.

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Flexible and secure deployment options

Hybrid Cloud

Have full control of your data by implementing Redis Enterprise on your private cloud or public cloud of choice to ensure data compliance and security governance.


Leverage the Redis Kubernetes Operator to reliably manage your application in an extensible, modular way while automating the deployment of clusters and databases.


Redis Enterprise integration for Pivotal Platform allows you to natively use Tanzu-as-a-service for launching and managing the life cycle of your infrastructure.


Deploy Redis-as-a-service internally for all of your teams and business units to leverage the power of a real-time data platform.

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Simple. Less code

Loved by developers everywhere.

Deep insights into your data

Start visualizing, monitoring, and managing your data with RedisInsight.

Have full control

Easily move from sandbox to your servers and ensure data compliance and security governance.


Real-time use cases for every industry

World-class, highly regulated businesses leverage Redis Enterprise for fraud detection, claims processing, and more.

Built for the global economy

Provide customers with real-time applications at virtually any scale no matter where they are in the world.

The most complete Redis

Full support for the latest version of Redis. Never fall behind the curve.


Thrive in disaster scenarios

Enable up to 99.999% uptime for customer SLAs, single-digit-second failover, and no data loss.

Optimize TCO

Leverage multi-tenancy and Redis on Flash for up to 70% cost savings.

Support from the creators of Redis

Best-in-class 24×7 support from the largest and best team of Redis experts.

Caching Assessment

Can your cache stand up to modern application needs?

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