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November 27th, 2014 – Issue #20

A Newsletter About Everything Redis

Issue #20
November 27th, 2014

Editor’s Note

It’s Thanksgiving (happy holiday to the practitioners BTW) and things have been eerily quiet as of late. A Moka Award should go out to @mattsta for his most-amazing quicklist contrib (good #devporn in github here). Winter is coming.

Redis Trivia: antirez’s first blog post about Redis was published on 6.3.9 – coincidence or determinism?


Stories and News

Redis Lua Scripting For Performance (6:37.9 minutes to read)

Although Redis is blazing fast as is, you can always try making it faster. In this item, @kgriffs shows how he boosted performance by moving some of the logic from Python to a server-side Lua script.

Redis Cluster design tradeoffs (31 slides)

This deck from @antirez was used in the recent @NoSQLMatters Barcellona event. IMO, the slides themselves are useful if you are already somewhat familiar with distributed systems in general and the Redis Cluster story specifically – I hope that the video from the session will be made available soon to tie everything up.

Development & Tools


#Nodejs #foss

The @mashape team builds awesome stuff and with this they prove that using OAuth doesn’t have to Oh-Hurt. Guardian has everything you need to use OAuth with a single line of code in your app.

Python on CloudFoundry

#Python #howto

If you’re looking to build a Python application on Cloud Foundy, @ianhuston put together this little guide to accompany his @PyDataConf talk.

How to almost protect yourself from the Rails cookie session store

#Rails #howto

“Redis is so useful that you probably have it lying around doing something for you already.” by @alinajaf.

Save Python dict to Redis hash

#Python #howto

Great 1-liner by @v_ignatyev: all([r.hset(hkey, k, v) for k, v in dict_to_store.items()])


#Python #foss

A script that analyzes your Redis database. Alternatives: run `redis-cli –bigkeys` or have a look at this post.

redis-cli –stat

#redis-cli #tip

Previously undocumented, running `redis-cli –stat` provides useful rolling info:


@lant: “Okay, I’m very impressed. #Redis #nosqlmatters”

@NeckbeardHacker: “Browsing YouPorn at work. Thanks, Redis! #research”

@matbeeDOTcom: “redis may be one of the best things ever made.”

@znmeb: “@quantlabs Redis is magical – written in C, too.”

@__Dinis: “Redis is the best thing I’ve learned in recent years. For sure. #redis #developers #webdevelopers #databases @redisfeed”

@joshhead12: “#Redis is a life savior”

@jaikdean: “Giving Redis a silently impressed nod of approval this morning. 840Mbps. 1% CPU.”

@antirez: “Big features into Redis, well coded, with two external reviews, without my involvement. Was not happening since @pnoordhuis. Thx @mattsta.”

@red_square: “@antirez just wanted to say thanks for Redis:) That is all” <- @chrismckee: “@red_square @antirez ditto ;)”


Blog Post: Our 2014 re:Invent Experience and 3 AWS Cloud Announcements for Developers

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