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July 31st, 2014 – Issue #3

A Newsletter About Everything Redis

Issue #3
July 31st, 2014

Editor’s Note

I’ve scrounged the internets to bring you the newest stories and most up-to-date information on what the Redis community has been up to during the last week. I find it amazing to witness this level of activity even during the vacation season. I hope you’ll enjoy this collection at least as much as I had while preparing it.

Redis Trivia: the correct way to pronounce “Redis” is / rɛdɪs/ – start with “red” (like the color) and finish off with “iss”.

Itamar (/ i(ə)ta’mar/)


Extending Redis with Lua packages [link] – Badboy_ provides an experimetal (as in “don’t run this in production!”) approach for loading any Lua library to Redis.

Me and Redis Are Now Friends [link] – Elad from ShinobiDevs takes us through the steps of using his Ruby gem frendis that implements a social graph in Redis (based on on a recipe from The Redis Cookbook).

Tech Talk: Redis [video] – Pivotal’s Matt Stancliff presents four things about Redis – do yourself a favor and spend 30 minutes listening to that guy.

Redis 3.0.0 beta 8 is out [link] – before taking an annual vacation, Antirez releases a new beta version for Redis Cluster <- an RC for RC is closer than ever.

Preventing the Dogpile Effect – Problem and Solution [link] – also known as the “thundering herd” problem. While this isn’t exclusively a Redis problem, it is still worthwhile being acquainted with the presented solution.

Reliable Queuing in Redis (Part 1) [link] – Bronto’s engineers love Redis and have built their own reliable queuing mechanism on top of it.

Coding & Development

Installing Redis on Windows [link] – a straight ‘n simple checklist for installing Redis as a Windows service.

EntityFramework.Redis [link] – ASP.NET’s Entity Framework, Microsoft’s recommended data access technology for .NET applications, was added with support for Redis.

Delete a bunch of Redis Keys with Lua [link] – the description, implementation and usage example are given in less than 140 characters – nice!

rp [link] – a CLI in Go that pipes data using Pub/Sub, enabling easy implementation of MIMO data flows.

aioredis [link] – an asynchronous (asyncio PEP 3156) Redis client for Python that’s still relatively young but looks promising.

Celery-PHP [link] – now with support for Redis broker


@alopexc0de: “Spinning up an EC2 instance to make a version of lob.li that runs completely on Redis for storage #ForScience” [link]

@Nick_Craver: “The #stackoverflow #redis server handled 42,772,766,987 operations in the last 14d 11h (2.95 billion/day) at 5% CPU. http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/…” [link]

@Joe_Vieira_: “Awesome 1/2 converted to Redis, really enjoying the perks it has over Memcache” [link]

@ChrisKeathley: “@EWDurbin @acedrew Redis: The Leatherman of NoSQL” [link]

@aarlo: “Thank you Redis HyperLogLog. Fun solutions for ad targeting problems” [link]


Blog Post – Redis Performance Testing with Live Traffic by Tung Nyugen from Bleacher Report [link]

Blog Post – Redis Headache #3 for Devops: Client Buffers [link]

Blog Post – Managing 50K+ Redis Databases Over 4 Public Clouds with a Tiny Devops Team [link]

Questions?  Feedback?  Anything you want to share?  Email or tweet me – I’m highly available 🙂


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