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Build better games with real‑time data

Truly great player experiences need a data platform that’s responsive and scales globally to match user growth. Redis Enterprise’s NoSQL in-memory database gives game companies real-time performance to make games responsive and fun—and to scale across hybrid and multicloud environments.

How Redis Enterprise lets you build
and scale great player experiences

Optimize your games for audiences and revenue

Leverage support for time-series data, event streams, and lighting-fast querying and indexing in Redis to derive insights from large volumes of in-game data. Drive in-game advertising and transactions by using Bloom filters in Redis to show users offers that are most relevant to them. Support in-game matchmaking and friend recommendations via social graphs.

Keep users engaged with leaderboards and rankings

Encourage competition among hardcore and casual players with in-game leaderboards. Sorted Sets in Redis Enterprise are a natural fit for implementing leaderboards that provide instantaneous visibility into who’s leading, and by how much.

How to build real-time leaderboards with millions of users

Ensure low latency with enterprise-grade caching

Decrease latency and response times for games by instantly serving frequently needed data from an in-memory cache instead of making slow calls to a database with network-attached persistent storage. Redis Enterprise provides enterprise-grade caching with expiration and eviction policies to efficiently manage cache objects, global distribution with Active-Active replication, and virtually unlimited scale.

Caching at Scale With Redis
Ensure low latency with enterprise-grade caching

Deliver real-time personalization

Storing user session data enables applications to remember player identity, login credentials, personalized information, recent actions, and more—providing matchmaking and analytics.  All this while making sure the response time is fast. Redis Enterprise makes real-time personalization possible with support for extremely large datasets using Redis on Flash and options for persistence that don’t impact performance.

Making session stores more intelligent with microservices


Linear scaling with sub-millisecond latency

Efficiently scaling database performance is critical for real-time games. Redis Enterprise scales linearly and with zero downtime to provide more resource-efficient databases that reliably deliver high throughput and sub-millisecond latency.

Multiple modern data structures

Redis feature, such as Search and Query, Probabilistic, and others can be readily applied to use cases like ad serving, user engagement, friends lists, and more—all on one integrated data platform reducing operational overhead.

Active-Active Geo-Distribution

Leveraging Redis Enterprise’s Active-Active database replication with conflict-free replicated data types (CRDTs) enables games to gracefully handle simultaneous updates from multiple geographic locations, powering use cases like session management, rate limiting, and personalization on a global scale without compromising latency or availability.

Fault tolerance, resilience, and high availability

Redis Enterprise uses a shared-nothing cluster architecture and is fault tolerant at all levels—with automated failover at the process level, for individual nodes, and even across infrastructure availability zones, as well as tunable persistence and disaster recovery.

Cloud provider and platform integrations

Redis Enterprise is available on all of the major cloud providers as a managed service or as software, provides automation and support for common operational tasks, and integrates with the platforms underpinning modern software architectures.

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