Create real-time, personalized customer experiences with Redis Enterprise for retail

Delivering omni-channel shopping journeys with Redis Enterprise

Transform Your Retail Applications

Retailers today face pressure to modernize their systems and deliver highly responsive and personalized digital shopping experiences like never before. Redis Enterprise provides the capabilities needed to transform customer journeys with high throughput at sub-millisecond latency, data structures to power real-time retail, and high availability in any scenario.

Retail is more competitive than ever

With the rise of e-commerce giants and more companies selling directly to consumers through digital channels, retail is more competitive than it’s ever been. More than half of all customer shopping journeys now include some kind of digital channel, and e-commerce has driven 40% of retail growth in the United States since 2016.

Customers now expect a responsive, seamless, and personalized experience across all channels

Digital platforms haven’t just shifted consumer expectations—they’ve also made the overhead of physical stores unsustainable for all but a few retailers. In 2019 alone, retailers announced plans to close more than 9,300 physical store locations worldwide.

Retailers must fundamentally transform their data layer to deliver the shopping experiences customers want

Staying relevant in the eyes of today’s consumers is a never-ending battle to keep prices low, store pages available, inventory updated, and experiences personalized—while also making sure that every part of the customer journey happens in real time.

How Redis Enterprise powers real-time retail applications


Product catalog, order history, and cart searches

Powering searches with Redis Enterprise lets customers quickly and accurately search through online catalogs, purchase history, and shopping carts without the need for applications to maintain and scale a massive global index of results.


Ensuring data consistency and bilateral updates across channels

In-store pickup and location-based offerings require inventory data that’s consistently updated across all channels. Active-Active Redis Enterprise databases enable stores to stay in sync with enterprise systems without the complexity of message brokers or manual data reconciliation. 


Personalization, promotions, and recommendations

Manage user sessions with Redis Enterprise to ensure a seamless and personalized journey across different e-commerce platforms. For deeper insight into your customers’ habits and preferences, RedisAI lets you serve AI and machine-learning models directly to data stored in Redis for real-time inferencing and analysis. 


Caching recent views

Caching is often the easiest way for online retailers to deliver instant shopping experiences with minimal resources and overhead. Redis Enterprise provides a highly available cache with expiration and eviction policies to efficiently manage cache objects, global distribution with Active-Active replication, and virtually unlimited scale.

Modern retailers rely on Redis Enterprise to deliver engaging customer experiences and
responsive, resilient applications that consistently perform at any scale.

Product features

Build responsive and highly available retail applications

Redis Enterprise as a cache for retail applications

Retail applications need to be fast and responsive with minimal resources and overhead. Redis Enterprise can act as a highly available cache to ensure your retail applications can deliver on the promise of real-time experience in any scenario.

RediSearch for product catalog, order history, and cart searches

When customers are looking for items to purchase, searches need to be fast and accurate. RediSearch is a fast search engine in Redis that enables you to query recently indexed Redis data to answer any complex question, with instant indexing for new data and search queries that run at least 4x faster than traditional search databases.

Streaming and event sourcing with Redis Streams

Redis Enterprise can act as an event store with Redis Streams supporting retail applications that need to manage a large amount of transactions or inventory updates in real time.

Linear scale and five-nines availability during peak demand

To help retailers meet peak demand, Redis Enterprise provides performance that scales linearly with zero downtime. Redis Enterprise databases also provide high availability in any scenario with diskless replication, instant failure detection, and single-digit-second failover cross racks, zones, and geographies.

Drive personalization and user engagement

Multiple data structures and models

Redis Enterprise provides multiple models that let you choose the data model best suited for your application’s performance and data-access requirements. Loadable modules such as RediSearch, RedisGraph, RedisJSON, and RedisTimeSeries enable Redis Enterprise to work as a search engine, graph database, time-series database, document store, and more—all in a single database platform.

Redis Enterprise as a user session store

Redis Enterprise can act as a highly available store for user profile and session data to provide customers with a seamless transition between retail channels, save shopping carts for later purchases, or present personalized recommendations and offers.


AI is being used to fundamentally transform every facet of retail, from interactive chat and personalized outreach to digital biometrics that can be used to create customized experiences for visitors to physical stores. Redis Enterprise lets you serve deep-learning models directly where your data lives for faster AI inferencing.

Modernize real-time inventory and supply-chain systems

RediSearch for inventory searches

When customers are looking for items to purchase, searches need to be fast and accurate. RediSearch is a fast search engine in Redis that lets you query recently indexed Redis data to answer any complex question, with instant indexing for new data and search queries that run at least 4x faster than traditional search databases.


Leveraging Redis Enterprise’s Active-Active database replication with conflict-free resolution allows retailers to ensure consistent bilateral updates between their in-store and enterprise databases, without compromising availability or latency for users in the event of failures.

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