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Real-Time Inventory Management with Redis Enterprise

Modernize your inventory apps with Redis Enterprise

Power real-time inventory systems with peak performance, scale, and availability

Retailers need to ensure that their real-time inventory systems can survive seasonal peaks, maintain data consistency, and deliver instant results. Redis Enterprise uniquely provides the capabilities to modernize real-time inventory—performance at massive scale, data consistency across channels, and multiple modern data models.

Today’s customer journeys are significantly more diverse

Customers now interact with retailers in many different ways across multiple channels. For example, a person might discover a product while browsing a mobile app, but want to order online, have items shipped to their home, and make returns at a physical store.

A seamless omni-channel experience delivers a competitive edge

Omni-channel strategies deliver a unified, seamless, and consistent experience to retail customers across all channels. Today, a seamless omni-channel experience is the only way for retailers to stay relevant and drive competitive advantage.

Real-time inventory enables superior omni-channel experiences

Fundamental parts of the omni-channel experience—such as shipping to and from stores, finding items by location, and reserving items online to be picked up in person—rely on real-time inventory systems. Without real-time inventory management that works at scale and ensures consistency across your channels, you’ll frustrate customers, reduce brand loyalty, and miss out on sales.

How Redis Enterprise addresses the challenges of real-time inventory

Scalability and high availability during seasonal events

Redis Enterprise can elastically scale on-demand with zero downtime to support increased traffic during seasonal events like Black Friday without regularly overprovisioning infrastructure or disrupting service to resize database clusters.

Data consistency and bilateral updates between stores and enterprise systems

Globally distributed real-time inventory systems benefit from the ability to deploy Redis Enterprise as an Active-Active, geo-distributed database. Gracefully handle bilateral inventory updates between stores and enterprise systems without compromising latency or availability.

Flexible data modeling and operational simplicity for retail applications

Let developers choose the data model best suited to their application performance and data-access requirements. Redis Enterprise provides multiple data models in a unified interface to reduce technology sprawl and better meet the demands of real-time channels.

Accurate and low-latency inventory searches

When customers are looking for items to purchase, inventory searches need to be fast and accurate. RediSearch is a fast search engine in Redis that provides instant indexing of new data and search queries that run 4x faster than traditional search databases.

Product features

Linear scaling and five-nines availability during peak demand

To help retailers meet peak demand, Redis Enterprise performance scales linearly with zero downtime. Redis Enterprise also provides high availability in any scenario with diskless replication, instant failure detection, and single-digit-seconds failover across racks, zones, and geographies.

Multiple data structures and models

Redis Enterprise provides multiple models that let you choose the data model best suited for your application’s performance and data-access requirements. Redis modules such as RediSearch, RedisGraph, RedisJSON, and RedisTimeSeries enable Redis Enterprise to work as a search engine, graph database, time-series database, document store, and more—all in a single database platform.

Active-Active geo-distribution

Redis Enterprise can be deployed as an Active-Active, geo-distributed database by using CRDTs (conflict-free replicated data types) in a global database spanning multiple clusters. This ensures data consistency, enables bilateral inventory updates between in-store and enterprise databases, and provides local latency on read and write operations regardless of the number of store databases or their physical distance from each other.


RediSearch provides full-text search and secondary indexing capabilities on top of Redis to ensure that inventory searches are fast and accurate. In addition to instantly indexing new data, documents and indexes can be co-located—eliminating the need to keep them synchronized across multiple databases.