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AWS Summits 2022 with Redis: Top 5 Reasons to Attend

Redis will be at AWS Summits 2022 and we are excited to have one-on-one interactions again with developers, architects, DevOps, and IT teams. This year you can find us on April 12 in ParisSan Francisco (April 20-21), at the virtual Summit in India (May 25-26), and in New York City (July 12-13). 

With Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS, you have a fully managed database-as-a-service trusted by thousands of customers for >1ms performance, infinite scalability, true high availability, and best-in-class support. Here are the top five reasons why you should make time in your schedule to visit Redis at this year’s AWS Summits.

#1 Engage

Redis Solution Architects will be at each AWS Summit to share demos and answer your technical questions. Get the facts straight from the experts and dive into the possibilities available, whatever your use case may be.

#2 Innovate

Innovation is a never-ending process, and at Redis, we are continuously working to create and improve products that make today’s DevOps, architects, and real-time data leaders reach greater heights. Book a personalized meeting with a Redis expert and learn how to deliver real-time experiences, how to scale globally without latency issues, and maximize performance at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Plus, join us at this year’s AWS Summits to learn all about the latest innovations we have planned for 2022.

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#3 Learn how to say goodbye to fraud

Join our technical session, “Combat Fraud Without Sacrificing Customer Experience.” Our solution architects will share practical tactics and strategies you can leverage with Redis Enterprise to reduce false positives and minimize latency issues. (Paris & India only)

#4 Experience

AWS Summits is the perfect place to see just how well Redis Enterprise Cloud and AWS work in unison. Catch on-demand technical demos to make your Redis journey all the more powerful and watch it pay off in dividends post-event. Try our demo to see Redis in action through a simulated banking app.

#5 Win

This year, Redis has a number of gifts on offer for AWS Summit attendees.

  • Joining us at AWS Summits? Book a 1:1 meeting with us and you’ll get a $100 gift card. Click on the city where you’ll be joining us and book the meeting here.
  • Use the coupon AWSSUMMIT300 to get a $300 credit for Redis on AWS
  • Find us at our booth and be entered in our raffle to win your own Oculus Quest 2™* VR system. Plus, take home a Redis Geek shirt and more! 

Join Redis at AWS Summits.

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