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A High-Performance Document Store for Modern Applications

RedisJSON is a high-performance NoSQL document store that allows developers to build modern applications. It provides native APIs to ingest, index, query, and run full-text search on JSON documents both on-premises and as a managed service in the cloud.


High performance

Purpose-built using in-memory data structures implemented in C to give performance, and scalability.


Developer-friendly APIs to perform atomic updates, create indexes, and run full-text search. Support for all popular languages.

Horizontally scalable

Scale out and partition indexes over several shards and nodes for greater speed and memory capacity.


Enjoy continued operations in any scenario with five-nines availability and Active-Active failover.

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Main capabilities

In-memory JSON store

Store and process scheme-free JSON in-memory, supporting millions of operations per second with sub-millisecond response times. Allows atomic operations on JSON sub-elements in-memory.

Building a Fast Product Catalog with RedisJSON
Indexing and Querying
Indexing and Querying

Indexing and Querying

RedisJSON* allows you to quickly create indexes on JSON documents, and uses real-time indexing that allows you to instantly query documents that have been indexed. The indexes let you query your data at lightning speed, perform complex aggregations, and filter by properties, numeric ranges, and geographical distance.

Aggregation features in Redis

Full-Text and Fuzzy Search

RedisJSON* supports full-text indexing and stemming-based query expansion in multiple languages. It provides a rich query language that can perform text searches, as well as complex structured queries. Furthermore, you can enrich search experiences by implementing auto-complete suggestions using ‘fuzzy’ searches.

Powering search autocomplete in Redis
Full-Text and Fuzzy Search
Available on-premises and as a managed-service

Available on-premises and as a managed-service

RedisJSON’s Enterprise and Enterprise Cloud offering lets you effortlessly scale RedisJSON across an entire cluster, allowing you to grow your indexes to billions of documents on hundreds of servers.

Redis Enterprise Cloud overview
Unlocking the Cloud-Native Data Layer

*powered by RediSearch

RedisJSON use cases

Customer 360

Search, find, and store critical information on customers for a product/service, profile and history to match specific profiles and behaviors for better support.

Content Management

Manage blogs and videos where each entity the content application tracks is stored as a single document and updated when the data model changes without having to update the schema. 

Mobile App Development

Build responsive mobile apps while keeping your data in sync across client apps.

Product Catalogs

Manage and search thousands of products with different SKUs and attributes.

Usage Patterns

RedisJSON makes it possible to undertake non-disruptive modernization of RDBMSes and slow document stores by using the principles of caching. Customers deploy RedisJSON using different usage patterns across their data stack.


Use RedisJSON as a high-speed cache to store frequently accessed JSON data and manipulate sub-elements using atomic operations.

RedisJSON Cache
RedisJSON Query Accelerator

Query Accelerator

Use RedisJSON as an in-memory data fabric on top of one or more data stores to accelerate queries while offloading production systems.

Primary Database

Distributed, in-memory JSON document database.

RedisJSON Primary Database

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