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Redis Enterprise includes a powerful real-time indexing, querying, and full-text search engine available on-premises and as a managed service in the cloud

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Lightning-fast search and query

Query data, content, and documents using a variety of indexing, querying, and full-text search capabilities.

High performance

Redis real-time search supports fast indexing and ingestion. It’s engineered for performance using in-memory data structures implemented in C.

Horizontally scalable

Scale out and partition indexes over several shards and nodes for greater speed and memory capacity.

Enterprise-grade reliability

Enjoy continued operations in any scenario with five-nines availability and Active-Active failover.

Real-Time Search Capabilities

Indexing and querying

Redis Enterprise real-time search allows you to quickly create primary and secondary indexes on Hash and JSON datasets using an incremental indexing approach for fast index creation and deletion. The indexes let you query data at top speed, perform complex aggregations, filter by properties, numeric ranges as well as geographical distance.

The case for Ephemeral search

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Full-text and fuzzy search

Redis search supports full-text indexing and stemming-based query expansion in multiple languages. It provides a rich query language that can perform text searches, as well as complex structured queries. Furthermore, you can enrich search experiences by implementing auto-complete suggestions using ‘fuzzy’ searches.

Aggregation features in Redis search

Powering search autocomplete in Redis

Available on-premises and as a managed-service

Redis Enterprise real-time ingest and search lets you effortlessly scale Search and Query across an entire cluster, allowing you to grow your indexes to billions of documents on hundreds of servers.

Redis Cloud overview

Unlocking the Cloud-Native data layer

Use cases

Real time analytics

Provide data that is accurate and fresh for analysis. Consolidate disparate sources to one real-time data platform with powerful full text, numeric, geospatial search, and aggregation features.


Enhance user and customer experience with accurate inventories, instant search results, and intelligent, personalized suggestions.

Master Data Tables

Eliminate common master data table bottlenecks while providing powerful faceted and auto-suggestion search capabilities.

Customer 360° initiatives

Enhance customer service with instant lookups of unique Government ID, mobile number,  or email address and quickly query customer chat histories.

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