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Redis Labs and Google Cloud Expand Strategic Partnership

Redis Enterprise to be offered on Google Cloud Platform as a managed service with a cloud native experience delivering on both companies’ commitment to developing a robust open source community

San Francisco, April 9, 2019—Redis, the home of Redis and provider of Redis Enterprise, today announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud that will provide Redis Enterprise as a managed service, offering a seamless experience integrated with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) console, billing, and support to enterprise customers.

Redis Enterprise is a high-performance, in-memory multi-model database supporting native data structures, probabilistic data-structure, streams, document, graph, time series, AI, and search to power high-speed transactions, recommendation engines, data ingest, session management, real-time analytics, caching, and numerous other instant experience use cases.

The new managed service will enable customers to easily create Redis-based applications on GCP and enjoy the five nines availability (99.999%) and true linear scalability of Redis Enterprise. Combining Redis Enterprise’s active-active geo-replication capability with GCP’s fast global network will allow enterprises to deploy their application in a full resilience, globally distributed manner while keeping database latency below sub-millisecond. Redis Enterprise will also leverage GCP’s fast NVMe and persistent memory instances to give these customers the ability to manage these large datasets cost-effectively.

“We share Redis’ vision and commitment to open source-centric innovation and we’re excited to deepen our partnership on behalf of customers,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem and Business Development at Google Cloud. “Bringing Redis Enterprise to GCP is beneficial to customers looking for a seamless, fully managed, cloud native service that they can rely on for their critical workloads.”

“The open source community has been leading innovations in the software industry, and this partnership demonstrates the benefits of having an open ­source-centric approach,” said Ofer Bengal, co-founder and CEO of Redis. “Through this partnership, Redis and Google Cloud are bringing these innovations to enterprise customers, while giving them the choice of where to run their workloads in the cloud. Customers now have the flexibility to develop applications with Redis Enterprise using the fully integrated managed services on GCP. This will include the ability to manage Redis Enterprise from the GCP console, provisioning, billing, support, and other deep integrations with GCP.”

Customers can go to the Google Cloud blog to learn more about the announcement at Google Cloud Next ‘19 and please visit here for more information about the collaboration between the two companies.

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