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The best Redis GUI

Take your productivity to the next level when developing with Redis or Redis Stack! Use RedisInsight to visualize and optimize Redis data. A powerful desktop manager, RedisInsight provides an intuitive and efficient UI for Redis and Redis Stack and supports CLI interaction in a fully-featured desktop UI client.

The Redis GUI that works everywhere

RedisInsight is supported on multiple operating systems: Linux, Windows, and macOS.

RedisInsight supports all Redis deployments. Whether you use Redis Open Source, Redis Stack, Redis Enterprise Software, Redis Cloud, Amazon ElastiCache, or Azure Cache for Redis, RedisInsight makes it easy to interact with your data and your application.

Get a visual view of Redis data

The RedisInsight graphic user interface helps you visually browse and interact with Redis data.

  • Browse, filter, and visualize Redis keys, perform CRUD operations, or delete keys in bulk. 
  • Display data in pretty-print JSON, hexadecimal, MessagePack, and many other formats. Use friendly keyboard navigation. 
  • Use the Tree view to group data and enhance the navigation.

Intuitive CLI

Workbench, our advanced CLI, allows you to run Redis commands with the built-in Monaco Editor. It has syntax highlighting, developer shortcuts, and auto-completion. 

Explore the Best of Redis

RedisInsight makes it easy to query, visualize, and interactively work with all of the latest capabilities offered by Redis. Whether using Redis StackRedis Enterprise, or Redis Cloud, RedisInsight allows you to manipulate complex data models such as documents, graphs, and time series. Explore queryable JSON documents, full-text search, probabilistic data structures, and more.


Manage streams and consumer groups

Visualize Redis Streams and consumer groups, and set an automatic refresh to display new entries in real-time. Use a dedicated workspace for Redis Pub/Sub to publish and consume messages.

Log analysis and command profiling

Troubleshoot performance issues, trace and debug your Redis server by seeing commands processed in real-time and inspecting slow commands.

Check out the GitHub project and feel free to provide feedback.

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