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Redis Enterprise Technology

Redis Enterprise was built from the ground-up to serve any modern real-time use case at the highest scale, in a fully reliable manner while keeping latency at sub-millisecond levels.

Our technology ensures 99.999% availability, with Active-Active deployment across regions, clouds, on-premises, and hybrid. It supports linear scalability (up to petabyte-scale and hundreds of millions of operations per second) while maintaining sub-millisecond latency for simple and complex queries. Our shared-nothing multi-tenant architecture allows you to launch Redis databases in seconds and at a fraction of the cost, and our Redis on Flash technology guarantees attractive TCO at a large scale. Redis Enterprise includes all the database ingredients needed for a system of record: single-digit-seconds failover time, enhanced storage engine, backup and restore with auto cluster recovery, and multi-layer security provisioning. Powered by Redis modules, modern data models like search, JSON, graph, time series, Bloom filter, and AI are now fully integrated with Redis Enterprise. And using our powerful programmable engine, RedisGears, developers can program any data flow across cluster nodes, shards, data-structures, and data-models, while keeping the millisecond processing time of Redis.  

Active-Active Geo-Distribution (CRDT-Based)

Active-Active Geo-Distributed topology is achieved by implementing CRDTs (conflict-free replicated data types) in Redis Enterprise using a global database that spans multiple clusters. This is called a “conflict-free replicated database” or “CRDB.”

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Redis on Flash

Redis Enterprise allows for creation of Redis on Flash (RoF) databases that extend your DRAM capacity with SSD and persistent memory to store significantly more data with fewer resources, reducing costs.

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Redis Enterprise Cluster Architecture

A cluster, in Redis Enterprise terms, is a set of cloud instances, virtual machine/container nodes, or bare-metal servers that let you create any number of Redis databases in a memory/storage pool shared across the set. The cluster doesn’t need to scale up/out (or down/in) whenever a new database is created or deleted.

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Linear Scaling with Redis Enterprise

Redis Enterprise has been benchmarked to demonstrate true linear scaling—going from 10M ops/sec with 6 AWS EC2 instances to 30M ops/sec with 18 AWS EC2 instances. It provides multiple ways to scale your database…

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Highly Available Redis

Most NoSQL deployments use three replicas to ensure high availability (HA). From a high-level perspective, the first replica is usually used to store your dataset, the second for failover purposes, and the third to serve as a tiebreaker in case of a network split event.

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Durable Redis

Redis Enterprise is a fully durable database. It supports the following data persistence mechanisms: AOF (Append-Only File) data persistence: Every shard of a Redis database appends new lines to its persistent file in one of the following manners…

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Backup, cluster recovery, and disaster recovery

In addition to data-persistence functionality, Redis Enterprise provides out-of-the-box support for backup and restore services. Redis Enterprise allows you to backup a snapshot of your database (across all shards) to one of the major public cloud storage solutions…

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Active-Passive Geo-Distribution

With Redis Enterprise you can create Active-Passive Geo-Distributed deployments using the “replica-of” capability. This unidirectional replication capability allows you to synchronize data between source and destination databases, placing the data physically closer to the user for low-latency read access.

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Integrated modules

Redis Enterprise allows you to seamlessly integrate Redis modules into your database. Modules are add-ons that extend Redis to cover the most popular use cases for any industry. Redis Enterprise comes with a collection of built-in modules, each trusted, tested, and verified to work with Redis Enterprise as well as open source Redis…

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Redis security and reliability

Redis Enterprise architecture is built to provide a great deal of control to help you meet your security standards and regulations. It provides separate paths for administrative access and data access, which helps simplify compliance.

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