Redis Enterprise for Financial Services

Delivering the real-time future of financial services

Strengthen customer relationships, lower risk, and assure compliance

Financial services firms are undergoing massive digital disruption, and are modernizing their applications to provide superior customer experience, better decision-making, and improved resilience. Redis Enterprise provides the modern data models required to successfully deliver real-time financial services and comply with Open Banking requirements, while enabling organizations to remain secure and compliant.

Modern finance is being entirely digitized

Every facet of the finance industry is being digitized—internet giants and fintech startups have disrupted traditional financial institutions with technology platforms that deliver more responsive and customer-focused financial services.

Customers demand an instant experience

COVID-19 accelerated changes in customer behaviors, consumption habits and expectations that are here to stay. In order to stay relevant and competitive, your organization needs a modern technology platform of its own. According to a recent survey by BDO 43% of C-suite executives are accelerating some or all existing digital transformation plans and improving the customer experience (CX) is the number one digital priority.

Evolve your data layer to support the future of real-time financial services

Your systems need a new set of data management capabilities to meet the demands of today’s financial services customers: true real-time performance at scale, modern data models, and enterprise-grade security and compliance in any environment.

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How Redis Enterprise powers real-time financial services


Fraud Detection and Mitigation

Detecting fraud is becoming more difficult as applications and customer data become increasingly distributed. Redis Enterprise enables financial services firms to examine patterns across transaction histories, perform geospatial analysis, and check transactions against known fraudulent patterns with probabilistic data structures.


Customer engagement and personalization

Redis Enterprise provides the high write throughput and multiple data models needed to keep customer profiles updated in real time for dynamic pricing, credit-risk analysis, targeted advertising, credit-card promotions, and more. 


Application caching

Caching decreases application response times by serving frequently needed data from an in-memory cache instead of making calls to a database with network-attached persistent storage. Redis Enterprise provides enterprise-grade caching with expiration and eviction policies to efficiently manage cache objects, global distribution with Active-Active replication, and virtually unlimited scale.


Session management

Storing user session data enables applications to remember user identity, login credentials, and personalized information, while making sure that application response times are as fast as possible for users. Redis Enterprise speeds session management with support for extremely large datasets using Redis on Flash and data-persistence options that don’t impact performance.


Redis Enterprise supports the throughput and latency requirements Deutsche Börse is required to guarantee to its regulator and the customers.

Maja Schwob

Head of Data IT, Deutsche Börse


Using Redis Enterprise in our fraud-detection service was an excellent decision for our organization. It is enabling us to easily manage billions of transactions per day, keep pace with our exponential growth rate, and speed fraud detection for all of our clients.

Ravi Sandepudi,

Head of Engineering, Simility


We rely on Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS for performance and scale. As a result, we’re able to provide an exceptional customer experience, regardless of data types, without any downtime or limitations.

Varun Kumar

Senior Vice President of Engineering, Ekata


E-commerce merchants and their card-issuing banks love that we help them recapture more good business by delighting their customers. Redis brings a major part of that value proposition and allows us to rapidly scale without jeopardizing our superior customer experience.

Nir Levy

Co-founder & CTO, Kenbi Ltd.

Product features

Become a software-driven financial institution

Multiple data models

Redis modules, such as RediSearch, RedisGraph, RedisBloom, and others can be readily applied to use cases like fraud detection, personalization, transaction scoring, and more.

Active-Active database replication

Leveraging Redis Enterprise’s Active-Active database replication with conflict-free replicated data types (CRDTs) enables financial services applications to gracefully handle simultaneous updates from multiple geographic locations, powering use cases like fraud detection, rate limiting, and personalization on a global scale without compromising latency or availability.

Safeguard your distributed data

Enterprise-grade security

Redis Enterprise ensures production data is isolated from administrative access and offers multi-layer security for access-control, authentication, authorization, and encryption (including data in transit and data at rest).

Fault tolerance, resilience, and high availability

Redis Enterprise uses a shared-nothing cluster architecture and is fault tolerant at all levels—with automated failover at the process level, for individual nodes, and even across infrastructure availability zones—as well as tunable persistence and disaster recovery.

Accelerate cloud migration and IT modernization

Cloud provider and platform integrations

Redis Enterprise is available on all of the major cloud providers as a managed service or as software, provides automation and support for common operational tasks, and integrates with the platforms underpinning modern software architectures, such as containers and Kubernetes.

Best-in class performance at scale

Efficiently scaling database performance is critical for real-time financial services applications. Redis Enterprise scales linearly and with zero downtime to provide more resource-efficient databases that reliably deliver high throughput and sub-millisecond latency.

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