Fully Managed Redis Enterprise on Azure

Run popular Redis Enterprise features via the Enterprise and Enterprise Flash Tiers of Azure Cache for Redis. Developed in partnership with Microsoft, the Enterprise Tiers achieve the highest level of performance, availability, and functionality for your Redis cache databases.

Learn more about the top Enterprise Tier features that you can use with Azure Cache and how they power the best real-time user experiences available in Azure.

Why Choose Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise

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Fully integrated and managed by Microsoft, Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise is the most highly-available and scalable deployment option for running a Redis cluster on Azure enabling fast storage

What customers are saying about Redis Enterprise on Azure


We are extremely excited about the added functionality in the Azure Cache for Redis, Enterprise Tiers. We know, love, and have used Redis for years as a key component in our industry leading real-time IoT control & monitoring platform. The Enterprise tiers allow us to do more with Redis by leveraging the RedisTimeSeries module to support data collection and analytics from hundreds of thousands of IoT sensors.

Aaron Phillips

CEO & President, SitePro

Top 5 Redis Enterprise Features to Enhance Azure Cache

Today’s users expect applications that are always on, perform in
real-time, and work seamlessly across the globe.

Azure Cache was developed by Microsoft to meet the data needs of fast storage for real-time applications and Redis Enterprise’s advanced
functionality is integrated seamlessly as a native Azure Cache
service in its Enterprise Tiers.

Learn more about the top Enterprise Tier features that you can
use with Azure Cache and how they power the best real-time user
experiences available in Azure.

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Empowering customers on Azure

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Retail customers deliver customized real-time shopping applications with:

Seamless cross-platform shopping experiences, using The Enterprise Tiers’ high throughput and low-latency Active-Active Geo-Replication.

Quick, accurate retail search and real-time inventory, powered by RediSearch.

Financial services customers power fast, reliable, and secure financial applications with:

Real-time performance using Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise’s unparalleled speed and low-latency global session management, without data conflict, with Active-Active Geo-Replication.

Intelligent applications that identify anomalies to detect fraud using RedisBloom.

Personalized real-time customer services experiences, powered by RediSearch.

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Developers use Redis Enterprise Cloud's modules to build more powerful applications

Redis Enterprise modules

Add superpowers to Redis

Try a Enterprise Redis module

Modules are native add-ons that supercharge Azure Cache for Redis. These are large and comprehensive production-ready, battle-tested add-ons that provide full features. They allow you to use Redis Enterprise as a full-text search engine, a time-series database or perform probabilistic analytics on your data.

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